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Blueair Pure 211 Specification

  • Model: Pure 211
  • Manufactured By : Blueair AB
  • Design in : Sweden by Blueair AB
  • One touch operation air purifier
  • Air Flow: 620 CMH
  • Clean air delivery rate: 590 CMH
  • Coverage Area: 538 Sq. ft.
  • Air Changes Per hour: 5 times
  • AHAM verfied air purifier
  • Power: 61 watt (at max speed)



Indoor air pollution is the reason why we buy an air purifier.  Air purifiers help in removing air borne particles like dust, pollen, smoke, smog and other physical impurities. It is found that during winters we keep our doors and windows closed and indoor air quality gets worse. To improve the air quality and capture the air pollutants we have a wide range of air purifiers. Which covers the area from small rooms to Larger rooms. Blueair pure 211 Covers up to 600 Sq. Ft. Area with 5 air changes in an hour.

What is Air change per hour?

Air changes per hour can be defined as the total volume of air inside a closed room cleaned by an air purifier in an hour. It is important to understand that an air purifier which can not rotate the air more than 3 times in an hour is not an effective air purifier for that room size.

How much air changes per hour min. recommended?

Blueair pure 211 gives 5 times air change in an hour in a 600sq. ft. area. Min. The air change in a given area like the bedroom is 3 times. Drawing rooms at least 5 times. In the office 5 times.
Blueair joy s air purifier is recommended for small rooms, small office cabins where air quality needs to be improved.

How is blueair pure 211 better than other air purifiers in this segment?

Blueair pure 211 uses Hepa silent technology which captures .1 micron of particulate matter from the air with 99.97% efficiency.  as compared to True Hepa air purifiers which captures .3 micron with 99.97% efficiency.
Blueair pure 211 air inhales the air from 360 degrees which makes it capture more pollutants. as compared to any traditional model which inhales either from 1 side or 3 sides only. Cost of pure 211 is lower than any other model in its segment.

Onsite Service by Blueair

Blueair gives onsite service to all of their products. Blueair is now a Unilever product.

How many filter stages are available in pure 211 air purifiers?

Blueair pure 211 uses a combination of electronic and mechanical filters to clean air.
1. Pre Filter (Colorful washable fabric)
3. Active Carbon filter
4. Ionizer

Unmatched Features of Blueair pure 211 air purifier

  • HEPA silent technology
  • Colorful washable pre filter
  • AHAM certified Clean air Delivery rate
  • Low power consumption
  • Less noise
  • One touch operation

Blueair Pure 211


Value For Money








Ease of use



  • 360 Degree Air Inllet
  • One touch Operation
  • Low operational noise
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy Filter replacement
  • 4 stage air filters
  • HEPA silent technology
  • AHAM verified


  • No pollution level indicator
  • No auto speed adjustment
  • No Wifi connectivity

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