What is Water Cooling machine or water cooler?

Advertisements Water cooling machine or water cooler equipped with fixed internal storage. Mostly connected with direct water supply or external water purifier. Water cooler serves cold water in hot summers. Water cooling machine cools water faster then any other machine in market. Its commonly use in Industries, commercial areas or educational institutions where large number …

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Fonda Fly Trapper

Advertisements Brand : Fonda Name : Fonda Fly trapper Gem Approved: Yes. Used For: Kills fly, mosquitoes and other unwanted flying insects Body Material: MS body Color: White Variant Available: Standard/HT Removable Collection Tray HSN code: 8543 Tax rate: 18 % Part Code: FFT8120 Lamps: 2 Lamps Type: Bl Uva tubes Lamps Manufacture: FSL/Philips/Osram Choke …

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Blue star water cooler NST 2020

. This post is about Blue star water cooler NST 2020 Price and specification. My motive is to provide you the complete information about the water cooler and try to give every answer you are looking for.

Avro Flying Insect Killer 600- specifications,Price in 2020.

Advertisements Avro Flying Insect Killer 600 Avro Flying Insect Killer 600 It is very important to control unwanted flying insect like Fly, Mosquitoes, Flees and other unwanted flying insects which can harm your business or family. It is important to control them. And give protection to your business and family. Avro Flying insect killer 600 …

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Blue star water dispenser price list 2020

Advertisements Summer is on the way. We are preparing for the new session now. How ever we are keep on getting news about price hike in blue star products in March 2020. Today is 3rd march 2020 and this price list is as per pricing available today. I have no news about price hike officially …

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