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water cooler is essential industrial equipment to cool water. water cooler cools water faster then any other equipment. Robust quality stainless steel water cooler.

All New Blue star water cooler 2021 with Specification.

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Blue star touch less water cooler SDLX 6080 BT Series- prices

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Blue star water cooler Price List Jan 2021.

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Blue star water cooler supplier

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What is Water Cooling machine or water cooler?

Advertisements Water cooling machine or water cooler equipped with fixed internal storage. Mostly connected with direct water…

Blue Star Sdlx 6080 B- water cooler Specifications and prices.

blue star water cooler sdlx 6080 B.

Blue star SDLX-100, 380 Liter Storage water cooler Price, specification and features.

Then Blue star SDLX 100 is the right water cooler model for you. Water cooler is an essential appliance which provides cold water at your will.

Blue star SDLX 100 water cooler- 380 liter storage.

Blue star sdlx 100 water cooler comes with 380 liter inbuilt water storage tank with 4 faucets to deliver cold water to maximum people in an hour. It delivers 170 liter of cold water in an hour

Blue star water cooler Price list 2019

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Blue star platinum Series water Cooler P6080 E- specification and prices.

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