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Electric insect killer machine are robust machines to kill all kind of flying insects. Its attracts all kind of flying insects and kill them with high voltage electric current. Removable collection tray to throw away the dead bodies. easy to clean.

Avro Fly kil-lite killer 1000-best flying insect killer machine review

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Fonda Fly Trapper

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Avro Flying Insect Killer 600- specifications,Price in 2020.

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Avro Fly killer price list 2020- commercial model

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Fonda Fly Trapper 1000 Standard Price, Specification and dealer Information.

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Avro Moskill Big super- Mosquito killer lamp 12 watt

Avro moskill big super is a mosquito killer machine of lamp shape. Simple to use. Light weight. can be use indoors and outdoors. 1 single lamp of 6 watt surrounded with high electric current. Removable collection tray at bottom.

Avro Moskill Small Super

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Avro Flying insect killer – Sleek Series prices, specification and review

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Avro Flykil-lites Products, Price list & Specifications.

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Avro Flying Insect Catcher or Killer.

Avro Insect killers in India. best Insect killer manufacture. buy Avro insect killers from MPVK ELECTRONICS.