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Air purifier is a useful device to control indoor air quality. it captures indoor air pollutants like dust, smoke or smog. effective against smallest dust particle in air. A perfect air purifier buying guide for everyone who want to buy an air purifier for home, office and for any polluted indoor area where air pollutants need to be controlled.

Which is better Blueair Pure 211 or Blueair Pure 121.

360 degree air inlet
Large filter surface
HEPA silent technology
High clean air delivery rate
Single touch operations

I want to Buy Best air purifier for my home and office.

I want to buy best air purifier for my home and office. Which one is best and where to buy. These are the very common question mostly people ask me when i visit there home or office.

Performance and price Comparison Of Blueair Pure 121 VS. Philips AC-6609. find out which is best air purifier?

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Air Purifier Comparison- Blueair 211 VS. Honeywell Air touch P vs. Daikin Mc76VVM6 Vs Sharp Air purifier FU-A80E-W.

Today we have Blueair Pure 211, Honeywell air touch P, Daikin Mc76vvm6 and sharp Fu-A80E-W. Here in this comparison we will do it on the basis of performance only Not talking much about features

How to buy right air purifier for your home?

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Blueair Air purifiers for office

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Buy air Purifiers Online

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Difference Between CADR And Air Flow?

know about the difference between CADR and Air flow. Know about Why its important to know. Air purifier guide to buy air purifier.

What is CADR(Clean Air Delivery Rate)?

clean air deliveray rate is a term use in air purifiers which tells how faster the air purifier purify the air and captures the pollutants from the air. It measures in Cubic feet/ hour.