Aquaguard Prime 100 B water purifier

Aquaguard Prima 100B

The new age of industrial water purifier with multistage water purification and high capacity filtration. Aqua guard prima institutional reverse osmosis system is known for best water RO system with quality membrane and filters.

Item Description

Aquaguard Prima 100 B is an Industrial water purification plant with 100 LPH purification capacity.  Me shop is an authorize dealer of Aquaguard In India. Buy Aquaguard Prima 100 B at best price in your city. Free delivery and installation.

Key features of Aquaguard Prima 100 B water purifier

  • Multi Stage Purification Process : 7 Stage water purification ensures every drop of water clean.
  • Higher capacity: Dispense 100 liter per hour to fill large water capacity storage devices to meet industrial needs and standard.
  • Self cleaning System: Auto flushing of membrane ensures that water purifier clean itself time to time to maintain good hygiene inside.
  • Micro biologically potable: reduces TDS, Heavy particles, microbiologically water borne particles like pathogenic micro organism.

Technical specification

  • Dimension : 630 x 340 x 650 in mm
  • Net weight : 33 Kg
  • Body material : CRCA Sheets
  • Purification stages: 7 stage with Ro + UV purification
  • purification capacity : 100 liter per hour
  • Power consumption : 230 W

Warranty period

12 Months onsite by manufacture