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Blue star Water Cooler Dealer in Gurgaon


Me shop is a leading supplier of Blue star water cooler in India. We are Authorize Blue star water cooler dealer in India. Either you Required single unit or Bulk units. We will Supply you anywhere in India. Our transport partners has the access to major cities of India. We have the complete range of water coolers From 20 liter to 380 liter with well maintain stock.

All Variants & Models Available

  1. SDLX Series water cooler
  2. NST series water cooler
  3. PC series Water cooler
  4. Platinum Series water cooler (Available)
  5. Touchless water Cooler Also available.
  6. Water cooler with inbuilt Water purifier

For sales Query Call us on +91-9971136843 Now

Blue star water cooler Catalog

Download the latest Catalog and pricelist here

Ask For Quotation On +91-9971136843 Now.

About Blue star water cooler

Blue star is a leading manufacture of water coolers in India. Blue star provides water coolers that completes your need to serve cool & pure water either you need it in your school, office, factory or commercial buildings where consumption of pure and cold water during summer is high. Here Blue star offers Stainless Steel 304 body robust water cooler which cools and serve cold & pure water faster.

Features of Blue star water Coolers

  1. Faster Cooling
  2. Silent Operation
  3. Eco friendly
  4. In-setu PUF Power saving Insulation
  5. Food Grade Stainless Steel 304 Body
  6. Sturdy Compressor and trouble free operation
  7. Adjustable Cold water Thermostat
  8. Seam welded Stainless steel tank
  9. Sturdy, Molded/Flat/Extended plastic legs
  10. Auto Cut Out
  11. Voltage overload Compressor Protection

Blue star SDLX series Water Coolers Price List 2020 Updated (4th March 2020).

Blue star sdlx series water coolers are made with full stainless steel 304 grade. Also the water tank made with SS 304 grade stainless steel for durability. Blue star sdlx 2020 ET* comes with option of top loading bottles and they are known for its robust usage and high performance compressors.

Blue star water cooler SDLX 4080B
Model No.Storage Capacity
(In liter)
Cooling Capacity
Liter/ hour
(Complete with tank)
M.R.P.Offer Price
SDLX 2020/ ET*20 Liter20 LPHFull Stainless Steel2450021000
SDLX 204040 liter20 LPHFull Stainless Steel2650022500
SDLX 408080 liter40 LPHFull Stainless Steel3500030800
SDLX 608080 liter60 LPHFull Stainless Steel3550032500
SDLX 80 120120 liter80 LPHFull Stainless Steel4890041800
SDLX 150150150 liter150 LPHFull Stainless Steel5190046000
SDLX 100380 Liter150 Liter Full Stainless Steel7479066000
Blue star sdlx series water cooler price list 2020

NST Series Water Cooler By Blue star

Blue star NST 6080 B

Nst series water coolers are partially stainless steel body water cooler. Where only front panel made with Stainless steel Grade 304 and side panels and back panels made with Pre coated sheets with lamination. Tank is made with Stainless steel 304 grade.

Model No.Storage Capacity in LiterCooling Capacity in Liter per hourMaterialMRPOffer Price
NST 202020 liter20 LPHPartial Steel Body2050017500
NST 6080B80 Liter60 LPHPartial Steel Body2980027000
NST 80120B120 Liter80 LPHPartial Steel Body4270036500
NST 170150150 Liter150 LPHPartial Steel Body5035046000
Blue star nst series water cooler price list 2020

PC series Water Cooler By Blue star

Blue star PC 150150 3 T

Blue star PC series water coolers are Plain and cold series water coolers which comes with two taps normally one for cold and one for plain water. Internally machine has two separate tanks for cold and normal water. Cold water capacity is mention in table with storage however it is made with Full stainless Steel body also the tank material is Stainless Steel 304 Grade.

Model No.Storage CapacityCooling capacityMaterialMRPOffer Price
PC 24040 liter20 LPHSS 3042805026500
PC 408080 Liter40 LPHSS 3043570033500
PC 150150-3T *150 Liter150 LPHSS 3045710050300
Blue star water cooler PC series (Plain + Cold)

Warranty and Customer Care

  • Blue star customer care: 1800 209 1177 (Toll Free)
  • All water cooler comes with 12 months warranty
  • Kindly Note: Please use water purifier with water cooler.


  • All Prices are inclusive of Taxes.
  • Installation Charges By Blue star : Rs. 600/- extra
  • Delivery charges : Extra as per location
  • Warranty Terms: as per manufacture terms.

For water purifier call us on +91-9971136843


We will connect you shorty in 2 working Hrs. for Sure

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