Are you looking for a Blue star water cooler machine in Gurugram or Gurgaon. if yes then you have landed on the right page. Me shop is a leading supplier / dealer/ Distributor / Wholesaler of blue star water cooling machine in Gurgaon. Me shop is known for supplying water cooler with in time line and for its unconditional customer support and dedication.

Blue star water cooler machine is design to cool large amount of water faster. It is useful when large group of people needs chilled and cold water in time. Water cooler can install at any public place, Factory, Temple, ware house, Office, schools, colleges, Institutions or any place where cold purified water is urgent need.

Key Features of Blue star water cooler machine

  1. Auto Cut : all water cooler machines from blue star comes with Auto cut feature. It helps in saving energy and make blue star water cooler an energy saver. Bimetal sensor inside tank does not let water so cold or warm it works perfect in any climate condition.
  2. PUF insulation: Tank is covered with PUF insulation which is use as resistor. It does not allow heat to trespassed and keep the cold water cold for longer period. Saves energy again.
  3. Stainless Steel body : We all know stainless steel is corrosion resistor. It is durable.
  4. Stainless steel water tank: It ensures every drop inside the tank remain pure in every condition.
  5. Heavy duty Faucets: Blue star water cooler machine comes with heavy duty faucets which long last than normal faucets.
  6. Thermostat control: You control the temperature of water you want to drink. Inbuilt Thermostat control helps you in maintain water chilling temperature as you desired.
  7. Extended legs: Plastic Sturdy extended legs.
  8. Extended Drip Tray with extantable drain pipe.


What are the blue star water cooler machine models available at me shop.

All models are available at me shop. Either you want 1 pc or in bulk we have special price for all.

Do we need water purifier for water cooler?

It is essential to use a purified water only for water cooler.

Which is best water cooler for 100 people?

You can choose among the following options
Blue star SDLX 6080 B / C
Blue star SDLX 4080 B / C
NST 6080 B/C
Download the catalog above for product specification.

What is the Difference between SDLX and NST series water coolers in Blue star?

SDLX series water coolers comes with Fully stainless steel body. You will get Front, side, back, internal tank made with Stainless steel only.
NST series water cooler comes with Stainless steel body front panel and internal tank. Rest Left, Right and back outer body made with Powder coated GI sheet.

I need a water cooler for 400 people or more which water cooler would be best?

You can choose Blue star SDLX 200400B water cooler with multi side faucets. No. of taps 4. Internal Tank : 400 liter, Cooling Capacity: 170 Liter per hour.

How to buy a water cooler from Me shop?

Call our sales representative on 9999696843 or Call me on 9971136843 to get your query solved.

Where is ME Shop Located

Gurugram, Haryana

Are you Blue star authorize dealer?

Yes, Me shop is Blue star extended channel partner / Dealer / Supplier for water cooler.

Blue star Dealer in Gurgaon

Business NameMe shop
Contact Number9999696843 / 9971136843
Land line0124-4264371
AddressPlot No. 120, sector 9, Gurugram, Haryana, 122001
GSTIN TYPERegular / Monthly return
Established in2018
Firm typeProprietor
Proprietor nameAbhinandan Kamboj
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