Are you looking for a Pvc strip curtain manufacture in India. However Me shop is a leading PVC strip curtain manufacture in India. We are renown manufacture, supplier, exporter of premium quality Pvc strip curtain in Gurugram. Since 2015 we are serving the industry with excellent products and services. We have installed Pvc strip curtain in more than 1000+ sites. Some of Our major clients are Licious, Amazon, Flip kart, Dominoes, Haldiram’s, Ananda dairy, U flex ltd., O Yes, etc.

Me shop is one stop solution for your business needs we also deals in Air Curtain, Flying insect killers, Hand Dryer, Soap dispenser, water coolers, Water dispenser, commercial water purifiers, Tea and coffee vending machine, Cold storages, Deep freezers, Kitchen appliances, washroom Hygiene products, Solar panels, inverters and much more.

Me shop take care the quality of all products, we keep an eye on shipment and make sure that you will get latest technology and latest models at your site in secured way.

Application of Pvc strip curtain

  • It is use to create a visible barrier in between two areas. which is made with strips of flexible plastics. It allows you an easy trespassing.
  • You can create an Indoor partition as well with the help of Pvc strips.
What kind of pvc strip curtain I should Buy?

You can choose wide range of Pvc strip curtain type on basis of the application. Call our Pvc strip sales expert on +91-9971136843 now to get the best price quotations.

Do you provide installation service?

yes, We provide complete hardware and installation service to our clients at very affordable and reasonable price.

At what locations you provide installation and delivery?

All over India, Our team give installation and delivery service.

What is the quality of Pvc strip curtain made by Me shop electricals?

We provide DOP quality Pvc strips made with good quality plastic, which long lasts and stay sturdy with time.

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