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Every year 725000 people on earth died because of mosquito bites. It is the only most dangerous flying insect which killed highest human every year. It is the most common predator found in our house. Today we have bring you the most effective pollution free solution Avro mosquito killer lamps for your home, office, school, college, factory etc. You can use it anywhere. It is the effective and most economical way among all others alternatives.

Personally I also use Avro mosquito killer lamp in my home and I found it better than any other solution like mosquito swat bat, chemical based aerosols, Good night, Mortien etc. All these mosquito repellents does not kill these insects. only repel them or unconscious them. As soon as the refill or chemical effects lower they stood up again with hunger. But Avro mosquito killer lamp kill them instantly. So they will not come again for you.

Why Avro Mosquito Killer lamps?

  • Safe to use indoors
  • No air pollution, no smoke, no foul smell
  • No side effects of BL uva lamps
  • Beautiful design that matches your interior
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No refill, No chemical required
  • Easy tube replacement.

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Key Features Of Avro Mosquito killer lamps

  • Consumes low power
  • Anti shock outer body
  • High voltage powerful electric grid inside to kill all kind of flying insects instantly
  • Make Less noise
  • No smell of burning
  • Removable collection tray to collect dead bodies of insects. Easy to remove and clean.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy tube replacement

Frequently Asked Question

What is the warranty of the product?

12 months offsite warranty. No warranty for tubes.

From where I can buy Avro mosquito killer lamp?

You can shop them online at

Do you provide onsite service?

No, we do not have access in all cities. Only in Gurgaon we can provide onsite service, rest other cities we can provide you spare parts. Delivery charges extra.

How long these mosquito killer lamps works?

you need to change the Bl uva tubes once in year. And use this machine for years.

What is the cost of tubes? Who can replace it?

Any electrician can replace it or cost of tube is approx. INR 160-180 RS. + tax

How much noise it create?

It does not make any sound while operating only while killing insect it makes sound. Do not use it in small kids room while they are sleeping it can scare them.

I want to place an order? whom to call?

You can call us on +91-9999696843 now.

Avro mosquito killer lamp dealer information

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Established in2018
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Proprietor nameAbhinandan Kamboj
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