Air Curtain is an motor based fan power device which creates an invisible wall of air with high air flow in between two partitions/ environments. It is install above gate/entrance so it does not create any kind of physical barrier for human or other movements of vehicles.

The purpose of an air curtain:

  1. You can use it to prevent dust and out door air pollutants
  2. Usually air curtains are use to prevent out door unconditioned air. It helps in preserving indoor air inside and resist outdoor air outside even if the door is open for longer period.
  3. Air Curtain also resist pest like fly, mosquitoes, seasonal flying insects to come inside your premises when the door is open.
  4. All it does at low maintenance cost

How Air Curtain Works

Air curtain plays important role in food, packaging and hospitality industry. In simple words if we want to understand the air curtain it is like. A high power motor operated device which throws air with blowers downwards with a pressure. That it will create an invisible wall in-between 2 spaces. Where human and other vehicles can trans pass easily. But the mosquito, fly, dust, unconditioned polluted air can not trans pass even if the door is open.

Which type of air curtain fan is effective and better?

We commonly find 3 types of fan in air curtains

  1. Centrifugal fan
  2. Tangential fan
  3. Axial fan

Among all these 3 fan type the most effective fan type air curtain is Centrifugal fan based air curtain. They are known for High air flow and good pressure coverage.

However Tangential blowers covers large area with continuous air flow. And axial fan based air curtains consumes less electricity and no sound. It is useful in indoors.


What is the life of an air curtain?

Normally Ms body air curtain last 4-5 year if you manage them properly with frequent service and maintenance.

Can I install air curtain at my home?

You can install air curtain anywhere. It helps in preventing dust, flying insects, unconditioned air from outside. Yes, you can install it in your home.

How much sound it creates while operating?

Centrifugal based air curtain generate high amount of pressure while operation. and definitely you will also hear the sound of motor when it will operate at high speed.

How an air curtain looks like?

Avro air curtain

What are the points need to remember while purchasing an air curtain?

1. Body material : SS is more durable than MS
2. Should give After sale service and support in your area. Prefer local vendor.
3. Motor type : copper motor
4. Blower type: Centrifugal blowers
5. it should have Adjusted nozzle discharge

[…] Air Curtain is an electrical device which helps in preventing out door air pollutants, unconditioned air and flying insects. In general air curtain makes an invisible wall of high pressure air which does not allow out door air elements to comes in and mix with indoor air elements. Its helps in maintaining hygienic environment inside even if the door is open. Rea more about air curtain here. […]

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