Welcome to Me shop, India’s leading supplier of flying insect killer machine in India. Are you looking to buy a flying insect killer for your business. Are you the owner/ purchase manager of a café, restaurant, Bakery, factory, Commercial, Cloud kitchen or any other type of commercial site? Do you want to control these unwanted flying insects? Then you have landed on the right page. Today we have bring the Avro flying insect killer 2000 for you. It is a commercial flying insect killer machine manufactured by AVRO. Avro is a leading manufacture of flykil lite insect killers, mosquito killer lamp, air curtain, shoe shine machine, hand dryer, washroom hygiene products from 30 years. Me shop is a authorize dealer of Avro insect killer machine in India.

Avro flying insect killer machine killer 2000 Specification

Model NumberK 2000
lamps2 x 18/20 Watt
Power Consumption60 W
Body materialMS BODY
Dimension24.5 x 9.5 x 20 inch
Covering Area600-700 Sq. ft.

Insect killer machine Key Features

  • No air pollution
  • kill all kind of flying insects instantly
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Ms body powder coated white color. Resist corrosion and give better life.
  • Double 18/20 Watt lamps covers large area
  • Convenient design either wall mount or floor mount.
  • High performance HT transformer kills all kind of flying insects instantly
  • 12 months warranty by manufacture

How flykill lite flying insect killer works?

Flying insects like fly, mosquitoes, bugs, bees, wasp or other seasonal flying insects need to controlled or need to stop enter your premises. There you need flying insect killer machine. It attracts all kind of flying insects. It uses Bl Uva lamp with high wavelength which attract these flying insects toward the light. In research it has found these flying insects that they attract toward light with high wavelength. There is a high power current grid near tubes. At the end you will find all these flying insects dead. There is a collection tray at bottom which collects all dead bodies. Easy to remove and clean.

It is the most economic and easy way to stop this flying insects. Industry is using the technology from decades. Avro flykil lite killer 2000 is a commercial model which is suitable for area up to 700 Sq. ft.

FAQ’s For Avro Flying insect killer 2000

What is Warranty of Avro flying insect killer machine

12 months offsite by manufacture. No warranty for tubes.

Does flying insect killers kills mosquitoes?

Yes, its effectively attracts and kill all kind of flying insects including mosquitoes.

Can I change the tubes of insect killer on my own?

Yes, Tube replacement is easy in Avro flying insect killers.

What is the fly insect killer machine price India

Avro fly insect killer machine price list is Rs. 5000 + tax

Where I can purchase Avro products online?

yes, you can purchase it online from our online store : www.meshopindia.com

Authorize dealer of Avro insect killer in India.

Me shop is a leading supplier/ dealer / distributor of avro flykil lite/ avro flying insect killers / mosquito killer lamps in india.

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