Welcome to me shop. Mosquitoes and flies are the unwanted flying insects. You may want to get rid from it. Any business in service industry would want to control this menace. Any individual want to control this flying insects. So to control this insects we have bring you the best quality flying insect killer machine. Avro is a leading manufacture of flying insect killer machines from 5 decades. They are know for robust quality machines. Avro glue pad flying insects killer machines are effective and easy to use. They use glue pads to trap the unwanted flying insects. Easy to clean. No side effects, No harmful chemical required.

Avro Glue pad series Models Available

Key Features

  • No smoke, No chemical, No Refill. 100% safe to use indoors
  • Stylish and sleek designs
  • Glue pads that trap all kind of flying insects
  • No foul smell of burning, No sound of killing. Perfect silent killer
  • Create no nonsense sound at night. Best for living rooms and bed rooms.
  • Wall mounted design.
  • Wide range of stylish design and color options.
  • Easy to replace glue pads and clean
  • 12 months warranty on all flying insect killer machine.


BrandModel NumberPowerDimension (LxbxH)
In inch
LampsCoverage AreaBody Material
AvroGP-160 W21 x 4.5 x 133 x 15 (W)300-400 Sq. Ft.Fiber Glass- White
AvroGp-260 W21 x 4.5 x 133 x 15 (W)300-400 Sq. Ft.Fiber Glass- Black
AvroGP-330 W14.5 L x7.3 B x8 H2 x 8 (W)250-350 Sq. Ft.Abs Plastic- White
AvroGp-440 W17.8”Lx4.5”Bx9.5”H1 x 36 (W)250-350 Sq. Ft.Abs Plastic- White
AvroGp-520 W20″Lx5″Bx8.2″H1 x 15 (W)250-350 Sq. Ft.Metal Body- White, Black
AvroGp-640 W18.5″Lx4.5″Bx9″H2 x 18 (W)250-350 Sq. Ft.Abs Plastic- White
AvroGp-740 W20.5″Lx4.5″Bx14.5″H2 x 18 (W)250-300 Sq. Ft.Black Metal Body

Warranty Terms and Conditions

All units comes with 12 months warranty. No warranty for tubes.

Price and tax information for Avro glue pad series flying insect killer machine.

BrandModelList priceHSN codeTax rate
AvroGP-1INR 8500854318 %
AvroGP-2INR 8500854318 %
AvroGP-3INR 7200854318 %
AvroGP-4INR 6700854318 %
AvroGP-5INR 4500854318 %
AvroGP-6INR 5500854318 %
AvroGP-7INR 5500854318 %
Kindly Note: All prices are given in price list is for reference only. prices can be change without any prior notice. All prices are excluding of taxes.


What is warranty of the machine?

12 months offsite warranty. No warranty of the tubes

How many glue pads are free with machine?

We provide 6 glue pads free with machine.

Can we use this in Home?

Yes, you can use these machine in your home, office, school, factories, café, canteen, restaurant any where.

What is a glue pad?

Glue pad is a highly adhesive pads which are using in this machine. These pads capture the flying insects when they sit on it. and kill them silently. Easy to remove and replace.

What is the cost of Glue pad?

Its start with Rs. 100 to 250 based upon the model and how much big glue pad is using inside machine.

How frequently we need to change these glue pads?

In Every 30 days. you should replace the glue pad from the machine.

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