Welcome to Me shop. You are landing on this page because you are looking to buy a bottled water dispenser for your home, office, cafeteria, reception, school, college, temple etc. In this blog today we are going to introduce you about water dispenser. We will tell you why you should buy water dispenser? Which type of water dispenser is suitable for you?

What is water dispenser machine?

Water dispenser is an electronic device which store the hot, cold and normal water inside its tank. Which you can dispense any time you want.

Types of water dispenser available

  1. Top loading water dispenser
  2. Bottom loading water dispenser
  3. Water dispenser with inbuilt water purifier

Top Loading water dispenser

top loading water dispenser

Top loading or top feeding bottled water dispensers are commonly used water dispenser type. You can find many variants in to it like

  • Table top
  • Floor Standing
  • Water dispenser with cooling cabinet
  • Floor Standing with Storage cabinet

Top brands like Blue star, Voltas, Usha, Atlantis has lots of models and options in it.

Bottom Loading water dispenser

bottom loading water dispenser

Bottom loading water dispenser are looking similar with similar functions but here you do not need to lift heavy bottle. Just slide in the bottle in lower storage cabinet and put the pump pipe inside the bottle. Easy to use. 5 top reason to buy bottom loading water dispenser machine.

  1. Available in stylish design and with color options
  2. No more lifting of heavy water jar
  3. Serve Hot cold and normal water any time
  4. Consume less space
  5. Robust quality.

Top 5 Reason to buy Hot and cold water dispenser

  1. It can dispense hot and cold water, any time.
  2. Cost Effective and low in maintenance
  3. A Dedicated water station for your home and office.
  4. It eliminate the need of multiple devices its one in all drinking water solution.
  5. It consumes less power, works very silently. An essential machine that can be use in all weathers.


Is a water dispenser Cheaper than water bottles?

Water bottles and Water dispenser are different in terms. Water dispenser machine is to use dispense water from water bottles. If we compare the price of water dispenser and water bottles. One electric water dispenser which dispense hot cold and normal water will cost INR Rs. 8000- Rs. 12000. Where Water bottle will cost around Rs. 30 to Rs. 100. Capacity 20 Ltr.

Which water dispenser is best?

all variants of water dispenser are best but I personally love Bottom loading water dispenser.

Are water dispensers worth it?

Definitely, water dispenser system gives you instant cold water, normal water and hot water whenever you want. Either you have it in your home or in your office. It fulfil the purpose.

How much power it consumes?

Water dispenser in India normally consumes 100-120 W while cooling, 500 W in heating.

Which water dispenser brand is better in India?

Blue star, Voltas, Usha, Atlantis are the known brands and provide good after sale service and durable products.

Is it possible to connect RO with water dispenser?

It is possible to connect RO with water dispenser, here you will need a RO jar to replace water bottle, A commercial Ro water purifier that can be attach with RO Jar.

Where to Buy water dispenser in India.

Me shop is best place to water dispenser we have widest range of water dispensers.

What is Guarantee and warranty of water dispensers?

Most of the manufactures gives 12 months onsite warranty of product. That includes onsite service and repairing in case of any manufacture fault.

What is the meaning of cooling capacity in water dispenser?

Cooling capacity is mentioned in Liter per hour. Which means you can dispenser chilled cold water of specific temperature in an hour.

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