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Blue star water cooler Models Available in India.

Blue star has introduced 5 series of water coolers in India.

  1. SDLX series
  2. NST series
  3. PC series
  4. Platinum series
  5. Water cooler with Inbuilt Water purifier

1. Blue star water cooler-SDLX Series

These are the basic storage water coolers with inbuilt high storage capacity. Design to store and cold high amount of water. Made for industry as per guidelines. Fully stainless steel body, Stainless Steel water tank. Corrosion resistant body and tank ensures durability and commitment of purity. You can choose available water coolers as per storage and cooling capacity. It is equipped with key features like voltage overload protection for compressor durability, Thermostat controller for water temperature, In situ PUF insulation for better holding, Extended stainless steel tray with water drain pipe. Auto cut for power saving once the water gets cold.

ModelStorage CapacityCooling capacityNo. of FaucetsMRP. (INCL. ALL TAXES)
SDLX 2020ET20 Liter20 LPH128,900
SDLX 24040 Liter20 LPH131,250
SDLX 4080B80 Liter40 LPH241,150
SDLX 6080B80 Liter60 LPH242,600
SDLX 80120B120 Liter80 LPH257,600
SDLX 15150B150 Liter150 LPH261,100
SDLX 100380 Liter170 LPH488,000


What is the warranty for SDLX series water cooler?

All products from blue star in water cooler segment comes with 12 months onsite warranty.

Why Sdlx series is better than NST series?

SDLX series gives you complete stainless steel body, Unlike NST series water cooler comes with front steel panel only.

Do company provide Free installation service for water cooler?

Blue star does not give any kind of free service. They charges approximate Rs. 600 Extra for water cooler installation

Can we install water cooler on our own?

It is recommended to install the water cooler by blue star engineer.

What is the meaning of storage capacity?

Blue star water cooler comes with Inbuilt storage capacity. Where it can store and chill the huge amount of water in once.

Do SDLX series water cooler comes with Inbuilt RO water purifier?

No, Sdlx series water coolers does not come with Inbuilt RO option.

Can we attach external Ro with Blue star water coolers?

Yes, you can attach any commercial water purifier with water cooler.

What is the Difference between SDLX series and PC series water cooler?

The only difference in between sdlx and PC series is water taps type. In PC series you will get one tap for normal water. In Sdlx series all taps are for cold water.

Do PC series has separate storage tank for normal water?

No, There is no separate tank in water cooler to store normal water. It comes directly from tap. Only Storage for cold water.

2. Blue star water cooler- NST Series

NST series water coolers by Blue star. Equipped with partially stainless steel body. You will get front panel made with Fully stainless steel and side panels made with pre coated GI sheet. Anti corrosion layer on GI sheet for high durability even in rough usage. It is equipped with key features like voltage overload protection for higher life of compressor, Extended stainless steel drip tray with extended water drain pipe. Sturdy molded plastic Legs, Auto cut for power saving, copper faucets.

ModelStorage CapacityCooling capacityNo. of FaucetsMRP. (INCL. ALL TAXES)
NST 202020 Liter20 LPH124,150
NST 6080B80 Liter60 LPH235,100
NST 80120B120 Liter80 LPH257,600
NST 170150B150 Liter170 LPH261,100

3. Blue star PC series Water Cooler

PC series means this water cooler comes with dual type water option. One tap for cold water and one tap for normal water. Fully stainless steel body, Stainless steel water tank. Robust quality for rough usage. Made for industry as per industrial guidelines. This water cooler is equipped with latest features like, faster cooling, Environment friendly gas, Plain and cold water option, Extended stainless steel drip tray with water drainage option, voltage overload protection, thermostat control and auto cut.

ModelStorage CapacityCooling capacityNo. of FaucetsMRP. (INCL. ALL TAXES)
PC 24040 Liter20 LPH233,050
PC 4080B80 Liter40 LPH242,000
PC 150150-3T150 Liter150 LPH367,200

4. Platinum series water cooler

Either you call it storage water cooler or high capacity storage water dispenser. Platinum series water cooler/ water dispenser comes with Hot/cold and normal water function. It can store high amount of cold water like any conventional water cooler, It can store hot water like any conventional water dispenser, and store normal water inside. Available in 3 variants. Basic key features of water cooler / water dispenser are, Auto cut, inbuilt water purifier (Optional), Led Display, Voltage Over load protection, Over heating sensor, Outer body pre painted sheet from side, Abs plastic from front. Stainless Steel water tank, dedicated storage for hot / cold and normal water.

ModelStorage CapacityCooling CapacityNo. Of TapsHeating CapacityMRP. (INCL. ALL TAXES)Inbuilt Water Purifier
P-6080-SL80 Liter60 LPH3- hot/cold/ normal5 LPH47,500No
P-6080UVE-SL80 Liter60 LPH3- hot/cold/normal5 LPH77,300UV water purifier
P-6080UVROE-SL80 Liter60 LPH3- hot/cold/normal5 LPH95,000RO + UV water purifier

5. Water Cooler with Inbuilt RO

Blue star water coolers are also comes with inbuilt water purifier option. Right now we have two variants.

Model No.Storage CapacityCooling CapacityNo. Of tapsInbuilt water purifierMRP (INCL. all taxes)
SWCSDLX6080UVROE80 Liter60 LPH2Yes, Aqua guard 50 LPH95,000

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