Welcome to me shop- India’s leading supplier of Avro flying insect killer machines. We are Authorize seller and distributor of Avro In India. We are selling their products from 7 Years. In the same way are you looking to start your own business and want to become the dealer for Avro Flying insect killer in Your area. Then You at right page. Here we will give you complete information about our products, their information. How to buy and Who is the right dealer.

Key Features of Avro Flying Insect Killer Machine

  • Commercial Models for Heavy duty use
  • Available in MS, SS and Fiber body
  • Removable collection tray, easy to remove and clean
  • Easy to use
  • Wall mounted and Floor mounted design
  • 12 months warranty for unit. No warranty for tubes
  • No chemical, No Refill, No Smell.
  • Instant killing of flying insects
  • Kill All kind of Flying Insects like Mosquito, fly, bugs, bees, wasp etc.
  • Double Bl uva lamps in all commercial models to cover larger area and attract more flying insects faster
  • High voltage HT transformer in All models for better killing performance.

How Avro Flying Insect killer machine work?

Basically flying insect killer machine works on law of attraction. Commonly we have seen these flying insects attracts toward the lights. Its a natural process. So here we have adopted their this behavior and make this insect killer machine. In the same way BL uva lamps which attracts these flying insects toward the machine. These lamps are covered by High voltage current grid. Avro flying insect killer machine uses High voltage HT transformers which generate high voltage. As a result we see it kills almost all kind of flying insects instantly. Likewise any other insect killer Avro insect killer machine is also using removable collection tray at bottom. It is use to collect the dead body of flying insects. Easy to remove and clean. As a result you will find it better than any other solution like Hit, Mortein etc.

Benefits of Electric Insect killer machine

Unlike other Aerosol solutions Our electric insect killer machines are 100% safe to use indoors. It does not generate any kind of harmful gas, No side effect on human body, No chemical usage. It is 100% effective against all kind of flying insects.

Distributor Contact Details

If you are interested to become dealer for Avro In your area. Contact our sales representative today.

Distributor NameME SHOP
Contact Details9971136843, 9999696843
E mail Idsales@meshopindia.in
AddressPlot No. 120, Sector 9, Gurugram, Haryana. 122001
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