Welcome to Me shop, You have landed here because you are searching for High performance water coolers. Blue star is a leading manufacture of water coolers from 7 decades. Making worlds best instant water cooler and chillers. Blue star is known for robust quality and durable products. Hi, My name is Abhinandan Kamboj and Today I will tell you about my experience about Blue star water cooler SDLX 100. Its been 5 Years now I am selling blue star water cooler. I have Installed more than 700 water coolers till date. Most of My clients like Mankind Pharma, Magnetti marelli Um, Durulum, Nissan Motors, MG motors, Vivo Mobile, Dhanuka Agritech find our recommended models better in terms of performance and durable. Off course cost effective too.

BLUE STAR SDLX 100 Instant water cooler with 380 liter storage Features

If You are looking for large storage water cooler with faster cooling and have the ability to serve large number of people. Blue star sdlx 100 is the best suitable instant water cooler available in my catalog. I want to recommend you this because of its features like

  1. Fully Stainless Steel Body : Yes, Its made with SS 304, All sides I mean all 4 sides Made with Stainless Steel 304. Which makes it durable, rust free, robust ultimate water chilling machine.
  2. Auto Cut : best in class ! A power saving feature that saves power and reduced electricity consumption.
  3. Overload Compressor Protection : Now you can fit this water cooler anywhere. This over load protection for compressor protects compressor from electricity fluctuation. You do not need to buy a stabilizer for it.
  4. Stainless Steel Water tank : Wow ! A stainless steel 304 tank, finally no need to worry about water quality. Its Food Grade. Storage capacity is 380 liters
  5. Thermostat controller : It helps in control the temperature of water you want to drink. Its available in All models.
  6. Power Saving PUF Insulation : Better the PUF insulation Higher the holding power. Overall a very useful feature.
  7. 4 Faucets: This water cooler is equipped with 4 faucets for cold water. Easy to use. Serve 4 people in one time. best in class. It can dispense up to 170 liter of cold water in an hour.
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  • Blue star sdlx 100 380 liter instant water cooler
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Model NumberCooling CapacityStorage CapacityNo. of tapswarrantyType of Compressor
SDLX 100170 Liter per Hour380 liters412 monthsROTARY- R22 Gas


Blue star is continuously increasing the price aggressively from last 1 year. Now the MRP of the product is 88000 Including all taxes. Blue star does not give free delivery and free installation of their products. You need to buy it from their Authorize seller and luckily I Know One. Off course ” You can count me on”. You can always connect me +91-9971136843. My name is Abhinandan kamboj. You can read more in My other blog related to same topic. Click here

You can also order this product Online from my Online store: www.meshopindia.com

Blue star sdlx 100 instant water chiller

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