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Welcome once again to Me Shop, Your B2B supplier for electronics and electrical appliances. Atlantis is among the top water dispenser manufacturers in India. They have been manufacturing products for 25 years and are known for durability and quality products. Atlantis Manufactures the widest range of water dispensers in India. Their ranges start from 2.5 liters to 10 liters per hour cooling capacity with storage capacity 5 liter to 20 liters.3 taps for Hot/ Cold and Normal water. Atlantis water dispensers cools water faster. Atlantis innovative ideas bring the latest trend and technology in their products and production line faster than anyone else.

Wide Range Of Atlantis water dispenser dealer

BrandModelNo. of Taps/ typePower Consumption: Hot/cold in wattType of water dispenserCooling Capacity in Liter Per HourStorage Capacity in Liters- Cold WaterHeating Capacity in Liter per hourMRP in INR : Rupees
AtlantisPrime3- HCN500/110Table Top3 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH9500
AtlantisPrime3- HCN500/110Floor Standing3 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH10000
AtlantisPrime3- HCN500/110With Storage Cabinet/ RO kit option3 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH11000
AtlantisPrime3-HCN500/110With Cooling Cabinet3 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH11700
AtlantisAir Press3-HCN500/110Table Top Touchless3 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH12000
AtlantisAir Press3-HCN500/110Floor standing touchless3 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH13000
AtlantisFrosty3-HCN500/110Floor standing5 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH10500
AtlantisBlue2- HC500/110Table Top3 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH8750
AtlantisBlue2- NC500/110Floor standing3 LPH3.5 LiterNA9000
AtlantisBlue2- HC500/110Floor standing3 LPH3.5 Liter5 LPH9400
AtlantisBig Plus3-HCN500/110Floor Standing With RO KIT5 LPH8 Liter5 LPH14000
AtlantisJumbo3-HCN500/110Floor Standing With RO KIT10 LPH8 Liter5 LPH19000
AtlantisSuper3-HCN500/110Floor Standing With RO KIT10 LPH15 Liter5 LPH23500
Price list Atlantis water dispenser as on 03 Feb 2022.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Inbuilt Ro kit to attach RO inside the machine(in Selected models).
  • Abs plastic body
  • Hot cold and normal water taps, Child lock on Hot water tap
  • You will get 12 months onsite warranty
  • Pan India Service
  • Pan India Delivery
  • Plug and play machine
  • High cooling Capacity
  • High Storage Capacity
  • Low Power consumption

Where to Buy

You can either shop it online from our official online store or You can send your query to us.

Call us on +91-9971136843 / 9999696843

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