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PVC strip curtains are made with flexible plastic strips which contain thickness of 1 mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4 mm, 5mm and sometimes 6 mm. Me shop provides high quality pvc rolls and strips which last long. Hi, My name is Abhinandan and I welcome you all to my blog website meshopindia.in. 
I am interested in writing this article because we have found people like you who are looking for more information and a supplier who can install these pvc strips at your place. Let me tell you that you are now at the right place. Because this page is for you.
Now I Know that you need these pvc strip curtains and you have landed here because you are looking for the best price, top quality pvc strips and the person who can install it at your place. Now let me introduce you to Me shop, the leading B2B supply store that delivers and installs high quality pvc strips in India. However we have only one office Right now that is in Gurugram but we deliver and install these pvc strips across India.

Types of Pvc Rolls We offer:

Premium quality plain and colored Pvc strips

Double Ribbed Pvc Strips

Frozen Pvc Stripes (Up to -40 degree Celsius)

Opaque Quality Dark color Pvc Stripes

Note: All pvc Strips are Uv resistant up to 65 degree celsius.

What is the use of PVC strips curtain?

Pvc strips curtain is used to create a partition in between two places. These pvc strips are movable. These strips are working as a gate or wall. This partition can be visible or non visible as per customer choice. It helps in preventing dust, outdoor air pollutants, flying insects and most importantly it does not allow conditioned cold air to mix with outdoor unconditioned air, PVC strip curtains are used by labs, hospitals, commercial kitchens, warehouses, factories, packaging industry, transporters for decades.
Most of our clients install the pvc strips at their factory, warehouse, cold storages to prevent dust, heat loss, cold loss or maintained temp inside the area, As you may have noticed, while loading and unloading of material we need to keep the door or shutters open. While loading and unloading of material the indoor air starts mixing with outdoor air which causes more power, sudden impact on air conditioners, and sudden change in indoor environment. Because these pvc strips are easy to pass as they are flexible and movable. They install these strips at material gates as a movable wall.

What kind of Pvc Strip curtain do I need?

Every industry has their specific needs. It is important to understand where you want to install these strips and what is the role. You can always connect our expert on +91-9971136843 for more information, price quotations and installation.

What is the warranty?

We install premium quality PVC strips that last long up to 4-5 years. But our manufacturer warranty for any defects is up to 2 years. We committed that our pvc will not get yellow in a month.  Replacement warranty for 8 Months if the strip gets yellow before it. 

Price List PVC Strip Rolls

BrandModelColorThicknessLengthwidthwarrantyOffer Price
MSIMSI-2mm-P-TBTransparent Blue2 MM50 mtr.200 mm2 yearsRs. 4800
MSIMSI-3mm-P-TBTransparent Blue3 MM50 mtr.200 mm2 yearsRs. 6500
MSIMSI-3mm-P-YYellow3 MM50 mtr.200 mm2 yearsRs. 6800

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