Welcome to me shop, My name is Abhinandan Kamboj and I welcome you all to my new post regarding your requirement for Kent sanitizer dispenser for your office or home. Lets start with introduction of Sanitizer dispenser machine. It is an electronic device which is used to disinfect your hand. After Covid 19 Era the requirement for this machine has rises. Recently Kent also launch 2 new variants. Based upon capacity.

  • 12 Liter
  • 6 Liter

Kent automatic sanitizer dispensers are ideal for school, colleges, hospitals, home, offices, Shopping malls, railways and shops. These are fully automatic sanitizer dispenser machines. Here are some features you may like

  1. Touchless Operation
  2. Mist spray with volume adjuster 1 ml to 1.5 ml
  3. Transparent, detachable and lockable tank
  4. Wall mounted Design
  5. Led light indicator while operation

Warranty and Installation of Kent Sanitizer dispenser

Kent provides 12 months onsite warranty for it sanitizer dispenser machine. It is plug and play machine. Read user manual how to attach or detach the tank. It is a DIY installation.

Why do I need Kent automatic sanitizer dispenser machine?

Since Sanitizer dispenser machine is a very common device or your could say a mandatory device to have in any public place like school, colleges, temple, Shopping malls, commercial complex, business complex, sports complex, golf clubs etc. It is essential to have automatic sanitizer dispenser machine especially in public places.

Kent automatic sanitizer dispenser machine 6 Liter and 12 liter are made with durable abs plastic body which do not react with sanitizer, heavy duty motor which dispense either 1ml or 1.5 ml in every 3 second. In addition a Clearly visible tank which is easy to remove, refill and attached with lock again. Apart from this Kent offers 12 months onsite warranty.

Pricing MRP

Kent 6 Liter : 10950, Kent 12 liter: 12000. Prices are including of all taxes.

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