Clean air is equal important as clean water. We all have installed Ro water purifier at our home, office, public places to serve clean water. Similarly We need clean air as well. Since we live in most polluted cities of world. We need equipment which can clean the indoor air impurities. Finally we have Air purifier which can clean physical impurities from air. People are wrong who say that air purifier gives side effects. To be specific how clean air can harm me or any one. No doubt selecting wrong type of air purifier can fail the purpose and some times cause health problems. Same as wrong air purifier manufacture can lead the problem.

Hi firstly welcome to my blog website. Finally we have bring you the top air purifier manufacture in India. I know you are curious to know which air purifier brand you should buy and why? This blog will give an Idea how you can choose right air purifier for your home or office.

  • Top air purifier manufacture

Clean air is our birth right. We know Outdoor air so much polluted. Similarly indoor air is polluted. Right now you can not control outdoor air pollution. but indoor air pollution can be controlled by you. “YES” you have heard right from today onwards you can breathe clean and healthy air.

So here the first question Do I Need it?

of course not you do not need an air purifier. You just need clean air to breathe. I know you live in very good society, farm house, big mansion or top floor or any where you think air is fresh and clean. Definitely if you are surrounded with trees the oxygen level in your area is high. But air purifier is not required to generate oxygen. In Short It is required to clean the oxygen. Are you happy to see the outdoor air quality in your area is excellent. Do you feel the same excellent feeling inside your home. or feeling excellent when you are outdoors. Definitely you don’t feel excellent with polluted air inside. In research and in our testing we have found poor indoor air quality. Some time its 3 times or 10 times higher then outdoor air.

In short if you are living in metro cities, you need air purifier.

Now the second question is Which type of air purifier I need?

Before going ahead I would like to ask your few questions. Firstly the coverage area, Secondly budget. I hope before reading this post you may have search a lot about air purifier. Here I will also repeat the same things but if you are new keep on reading.

True HEPA air purifier is the most suitable air purifier for home. The air purifier must have following air filter stages.

  • Pre filter
  • Carbon Filter
  • True HEPA Filter/ ULPA/HEPA silent (These are the high grade filters)
  • Ionizer (Electric Filter)

I add ionizer in my list because HEPA filters works better with Ionizer. Ionization charge the particles in air, as a result you get higher capture efficiency. In fact most of the air purifier manufactures follow the same pattern. In spite of this some manufacture claims Ionization as health booster. ahh I do not believe it actually. overall it improves capture efficiency of air filter.

Beware: Some air purifier manufactures sell only ionizer or ozone generator as air purifier. These type of air purifier machines are not good. Because it does not have any physical filter. These machines are cheap, Maintenance cost is also very low.

How Can I Choose the Right Air purifier?

I know you are still wondering why are you here? You know all these things. You want to know the top air purifier manufacture in India. you can skip it go to next heading. If you feel interested you can continue reading. Now you know the coverage area. No Not yet do you want to know how to measure? Take It L x W x H in feet or Inches. Length x Width x height. Now you have a question. Why height?????

Without measuring height we cant choose the right air purifier. It is important factor. In short air purifier cleans air and its unit of measurement is cubic meter/feet/inch/cm/mm. When we talk about air flow or CADR, all comes in cubic meter/feet/inch.

Here we have to do some simple calculations to understand. All You need some important information about the product Like Air flow, Clean air Delivery rate, Total Area in Foot or inch (L x B x H) of your room.

Calculator Click on it to calculate. Here I have design a calculator which will give you better idea. In short Air purifier which gives more air changes or in simple words rotate the air faster is the best. As you can see in the calculator higher the CADR/ Air flow better the performance.

Finally after comparing the air purifier performance you can choose the right air purifier.

Top air purifier manufacture in India

Finally we have reach to the topic. Top air purifier manufacture in India. At this point I know you want to know more about purifiers. but this is my heading, This is why are you here on this page.

Note: I am seller of Air purifier since 2015. all the information given above on the basis of my knowledge and experience. I have installed more then 5000 units of air purifier in NCR region. I am serving more then 100+ corporate clients. This list is based on my personal experience only.

Note: none of them manufacturing air purifier in India. all of them are import from China. Alas right now we do not have Desi air purifier as of now.

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