Flying insects are always a problem for service industry. In this industry you need to maintain hygiene. No hygiene No customer. Either you have a small restaurant or a five star kitchen. Either you have small café or large banquet hall. It is your business need to maintain hygiene and high reputation. These unwanted flying insects like fly, mosquitoes, bugs may result “Lost of business”. Firstly you cant afford bed reputation. Secondly you need a solution to control these unwanted insects. As a result we have found you need a solution which will help you in both.

There are many more reason to buy an insect killer but above all your business reputation is more important. In other words you cant sustain your business if the reputation gone. Me shop is known for bringing the best solution for every problem. We constantly add new products which help your business to grow. Ultimately, we have brought you the solution such as air curtain and Flying insect killers.

No doubt Flying inset killers and Air curtain are the best solution. First it helps in maintain indoor hygiene. Second it helps in prevent flying insects to come in. Finally, this result hygiene and “increase in reputation”. In Conclusion More Business.

  • Avro insect killer 2000 SS
  • Avro insect killer 1000 SS
  • Avro insect killer 2000
  • Avro Flying insect killer 1000
  • Avro air curtain
  • Avro Air Curtain manufacture

Top 5 Flying Insect Killer manufacture in India.

  • Avro Flykil Lite
  • Fonda Fly trapper
  • Wantrn fly killers
  • Microkill Fly kill machine
  • Sanchit fly killers

Top 5 Air Curtain Manufacture in India

  • Avro
  • Mitzwah
  • Euronics
  • Cronax industries
  • Mitsubishi electric quality

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About Air Curtain

About Flying Insect killer machine

Do I need Flying insect killer machine or Air Curtain?

I know You are curious to know either you need these equipment or Not. Finally let me sum it up in few words. Yes, you need these Equipments in your offices, school, factories, restaurant, hospital, hotel or any commercial activity where hygiene is must. As I have said earlier hygiene is important. These Equipments ensures hygiene and safety.

What are the benefits of installing insect killers and air curtain?

Of course installing air curtain and fly killers enhance your hygiene and product quality. As I have said earlier your clients want a well maintained, clean and hygienic place. Air Curtain helps in improving indoor air quality by prevent dust and unconditioned polluted outdoor air. In the same way it helps in saving energy.

In summery, if you are a business owner, either you have small shop or big show room. Either you have small coffee shop or 7 star hotel. Small Shop or shopping complex. You need to maintain Indoor hygiene and you need these Equipments.

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