Welcome to me shop. My name is Abhinandan and today we have bring you the short review for Avro Fly kil-lite killer 1000. First of all i would like to introduce you about me. I am a whole seller supplier of Avro flying insect killer machine in India. All information I write here is my personal experience and customer experience with product.

Avro is a renown brand in India. They are selling Flying insect killers from 3 decades. Well known for quality and durable products.

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What is Flying Insect Killer machine?

Flying insect killer machine kills unwanted flying insects like fly, mosquitoes, bees, wasp, flees, all kind of flying insects. This machine uses BL Uva lights also called Fluorescent Tubes which has high wave lengths then normal tubes and lower wavelength then UVA tubes. It attracts the flying insects toward the machine. Insect killer uses either glue pad or electric current to kill or trap these flying insects. Both methods are effective. If you don’t like the sound of killing flying insects then use glue pad fly killers. Both machine uses the same type of BL UVA tubes.

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Why Avro Fly kil-lite Killer 1000

  • It uses Double Bl Uva tubes to cover larger area.
  • Low power consumption only 60 watt
  • High Power HT transformer 1200Volt to kill flying insect instantly
  • Wide collection tray
  • Easy to remove collection tray
  • Easy Tube replacement
  • MS body with Powder Coated white color
  • 12 months warranty for unit. (No warranty for tubes)
  • No air pollution, No Refills.
  • Electricity Fluctuation protection
  • Copper choke – 40 watt
  • Instant killing
  • Low noise of killing

Specification Of Avro flying insect killer 1000

  • Lamps : 2 x 18/20 watt
  • Power Consumption: 60 watt
  • Material: MS body
  • Unit Size: 24.5 ” L x 9.5″ B x 15.5″ H (in inch)
  • Tube Size: 24 inch
  • Lamp type: BL UVA or florescent lamp
  • Coverage Area: 500 Sq. ft.
  • Brand : Avro
  • Model: Killer 1000
  • Type: Floor Mounted and wall mounted
  • Ht transformer : 1200 V
  • Copper Choke: 40 watt
  • Starters : 10 V

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