Welcome to Me shop, My name is Abhinandan Kamboj and today i have bring the detailed review for Atlantis foot operated water dispenser. I know you all are wondering about best brand which has durability and renown as well. Let me clear you Atlantis is a renown local brand in India. They have after sale services across India.


atlantis foot operated water dispenser

Most of my customers ask me why not every brand comes with sensor based water dispenser. Why they come up with Foot operation. My answer is simple Sensor base technology is not good when there are so many people in the row. In office people usually fill up the full bottles. Some have small some have large bottles or drink in small disposable cups . Sensors can only dispense the water they have fixed. Either its 1 liter or 300 ml or whatever manufacture decided. And one major prob with the sensor is how to control hot water tap. It could be extremely dangerous to give auto sensor to hot water tap.

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Live Demo Of Foot Operated Water Dispenser

Foot operation is easy and very convenient. It simply complete your need to make your office safe. Water dispenser is best when its manually operated by foot. Right now when writing this article. We have Atlantis as one of the renown brand who is manufacturing foot operated water dispensers in India.


  • No. of Faucets : 2
  • Brand: Atlantis
  • Model: Prime Foot Operated W/D Hot& Cold
  • Storage Capacity: 5 liter
  • Cooling Capacity: 5 Liter Per Hour
  • Heating Capacity: 5 Liter Per hour
  • Power consumption Cold : 110 Watt
  • Power consumption Hot: 550 watt

Looks,Style and Performance

Atlantis water dispenser looks average. Plastic in front body looks sturdy with good finish. Led blinker looks okay. faucet design is Okay. It does not have any kind of storage like non cooling or cooling cabinet. Its a floor mounted machine. Overall it looks Average. But after looks when it comes to performance this machine is better then other brands. It can cool 5 liters water in an hour where other brands like Blue star, usha, voltas can dispense only 2.5 liter of cold water in an hour.

Whats New in foot operated water dispenser?

  • 2 separate push button type foot operated buttons
  • 5 liter per hour cooling capacity
  • Heavy duty water dispenser.

Why not regular water dispenser?

Regular water dispenser needs touch of your hands to operate. In studies it has found Virus similar to COVID-19 spread mostly through surfaces. You will have safe environment in office if you use touch less equipements.

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