Welcome to me shop. My name is Abhinandan and today we have brought you the best in class 20 liter water cooler by Blue star sdlx 2020. You can call it industrial water cooler as well. First let me tell you that water cooler is a machine which cools large amount of water faster then any other equipment. Please note: It does not freeze water it cools water as per desire temp. you set.

blue star water cooler SDLX 2020
SDLX 2020

Blue star SDLX 2020 water cooler is Fully Stainless Steel Water cooler means The complete body made with SS 304. Faucet design is beautiful and sturdy. Blue star is known for its Durability and faster cooling. SDLX 2020 is a smallest storage water cooler in its segment.

New Cool Features

  • Faster Cooling
  • Drain System for water tank cleaning
  • Durable Faucets
  • Auto Cut
  • Durable Stainless Steel Body
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel Water tank
  • Easy control
  • Adjustable Cold water thermostat
  • Mechanically Expended Condenser
  • Sturdy, molded extended plastic legs
  • Voltage overload protection
  • Eco friendly material
  • Silent operations
  • In-situ power saving PUF insulation

Technical Specification of blue star SDLX 2020 water cooler

  • Storage Capacity: 20 liter
  • Cooling Capacity : 20 liter
  • Fully Stainless Steel Body SS 304
  • No. of faucets: 1
  • Dimension: 400 x 400 x 1060 in mm
  • Weight: 29 Kg
  • Refrigerant: R-134A
  • Type of Compressor: RECIP

Blue star water cooler comes with 12 months onsite warranty. Which excludes faucets. There is no inbuilt water purifier with this model. You should have buy one water purifier with this machine to prevent dust and other harmful material inside water tank of machine.


Where we can use Blue star sdlx 2020

This machine is capable to serve 20 liter of cold water in an hour. which means it can serve up to 100 glasses in an hour. Which is suitable for 40-50 people.

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