In modern days research has found most of the infection and virus spread through touch only. It is important to make your washroom touch less now. It is time to replace your old manual touch operated soap dispenser or soap with Touch less Automatic soap dispenser.

How It works?

Most of automatic soap dispenser are battery operated and based on infrared sensor. Which detects the motions of hands and dispense small amount of liquid soap to hand. These machines are normally comes in two design Table top or wall mount.

Can I use Liquid Sanitizer in Automatic Soap dispenser?

80% alcohol mixture in liquid form as sanitizer can not use in this machines. These machines are made to dispenser gel based or lotion based soap only. High amount of alcohol may harm machine or react with glass of machine. which may cause leak.

We have best in class automatic dispenser for your office, school, college, home. It makes your washroom touch less. Helps in preventing contagious disease like COVID-19, Cold, H1N1 etc.

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