Air Curtain is an electronic device which is use to prevent dust, unconditioned air, fly and other flying insects. Air Curtain creates an invisible wall with high air flow. Air curtain generate uniform air flow to create invisible wall. It helps in saving energy or unwanted outdoor particles and unconditioned air.

It also comes with automatic door sensor. It starts when the door opens closed the door closed. Air curtains are available in Many design. Me shop india deals in Avro, Mitzwah, Euronics Air curtains. We are authorize dealer.

MakeModelList priceHSN
Avro3 Feet Sleek130008414
Avro3.5 Feet Sleek140008414
Avro4 Feet Sleek160008414
Avro5 Feet Sleek170008414
Avro6 Feet Sleek180008414
Price list Air Curtain – By Avro

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