welcome to me shop, my name is Abhinandan Kamboj. Today i have bring you the tools which will help you in finding right air purifier for your Home. All these tools use calculation which are used in industry to calculate. For assistance you can call me on 9971136843. I am happy to serve you.

There are two converters which you can use while calculating. As CFM to CMH or CMH to CFM. In India you will find Air purifier CADR or Air flow in CMH (Cubic Meter per Hour) Instead Cubic feet per minute (CFM). please input required value only. The system will calculate the things automatically for you.


Find Performance of The Air Purifier?

Kindly provide room dimension in feet only. Air Changes per hour should be as per your requirement. For bedroom we use 3-5 air change. For office 3-5 air change. For OPD, Dentist Air change should be 12 per hour. Waiting Area must have 7 air change in an hour.


How much Air Flow Required?

This tool will help you in finding the right air purifier. It will tell you how much air flow you need to clean given area with given air change in an hour. Kindly fill Dimension of room in feet only.


The whole value mentioned above are on calculation based. In real time air purifier performance may vary as per situations. This calculator is for reference only.

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