Welcome to ME shop, My name is Abhinandan Kamboj and today i am showing you blue star all new bottom loading water dispenser. In this post today i will discuss about following information about it.

  1. What is bottom loading water dispenser?
  2. Available models in Blue star
  3. Specification and Features
  4. Prices and warranty
  5. Where to buy

I hope if you looking for the above information this is the right place for you to get all information. Lets continue with the topics.

What is bottom loading water dispenser

water dispenser is an appliance which dispense hot cold and normal water. Or Hot & Cold water. in bottom loading water dispenser we load bottle of 20 liter at bottom of machine. Now you don’t need lift it. Just slide it inside and its ready.

Blue star bwd3blga black coloir bottom loading water dispenser
Bottom loading water dispenser black

in images you may have observed instead of cooling cabinet or storage cabinet it has empty cabinet with pipes. No option on top of machine to load it. Now you may think how this machine works. The answer is. in this empty box you will find a fixture with pipes integrated with storage of water dispenser tank. When you switch on the machine for the first time. you will hear sound of motor which fills water in to the tank. Its a auto fill process. As soon as you dispense water from machine. The machine recognize the low water level and fill the tank.

There are alarms in machine like empty jar alarm, open cabinet alarm. Machine do not operate if the cabinet door is open. On the top you will find Hot/ cold / normal water dispensing push buttons. Hot water button with child lock to prevent accidental hot water dispensing.

Available Models

  • BWD3BLGA (Black)
  • BDHPCF1 (black)

Both models are available in black color. Having almost same specifications.

Specification & features Of Blue star bottom loading water dispenser

  • Brand: Blue star
  • Model No: BDHPCF1/ BWD3BLGA
  • Cooling Power: 90 Watt
  • Heating Power: 420 watt
  • Cooling capacity: 2.5 liter per hour
  • Heating Capacity: 5 liter per hour
  • Auto Cut
  • Auto Tank fill
  • Empty jar alarm
  • Auto stop
  • DIMENSION BDHPCF1: 358 x 386 x 1120 mm
  • Color : black
  • Stainless Steel water tank
  • Hot cold Normal water faucets
  • Child lock on Hot water faucet
  • Auto Cut
  • Bottom loading design
  • Water bottle capacity: 20 liter
  • Internal tank: 3.2 liter
  • Warranty : 12 months
  • Removable drip Tray

Prices and Warranty

Blue star bottom loading water dispenser comes with 12 month onsite warranty. you dont need to register product any where just keep you invoice with you while any type of complaint.

  • Bottom loading black -BWd3blga- Rs. 14500/- inclusive of tax
  • BDHPCF1 – Black color- Rs. 14000 inclusive of tax

NOTE: Above mentioned prices are inclusive of all taxes and selling prices as per some of the top e commerce website. selling price may vary dealer to dealer. Prices are for reference only.

Where to Buy

You can buy it from any local blue star dealer. Or Call us on +91-9971136843 to book one. Booking and delivery are open.

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