Blue star is a leading water cooler manufacture in India. Most of my clients prefer to buy Blue star SDLX 15150 or 150 150 water cooler instead Blue star sdlx 80120B. You may be say its obvious SDLX 15150 has more capacity that is why people prefer to purchase this water cooler. Off course this is one of the reason but another reason is company pricing. You may hardly find Rs. 3000-5000 different varied from Dealer to dealer in between these two products. Okay This post is not for comparison.

You are here to know the prices for sdlx15150B, SDLX15150A and specification. Okay now you have question what is the deference in SDLX15150A, and SDLX15150B. I would say No difference in sheet quality, Gas, compressor, taps or any internal part of machine. In some areas you will find SDLX 15150A and Some parts of country you will get SDLX15150B. Prices and specifications are same. Instead A or B i would call it Blue star sdlx 15150 water cooler.

Specification Of Blue star water cooler SDLX 15150

SpecificationvalueUnit of measurement
BrandBlue starBrand Name
ModelSDLX 15150Model name
Cooling capacity150Liters per Hour
Storage Capacity150Liter
SeriesSDLXStainless Steel water cooler series
Body materialSS 304Stainless Steel Sheet Type
Tank MaterialSS 304Stainless steel sheet type
No. of Faucets2In Numbers or Qty.
RefrigerantR-22Know about R-22 refrigerant
Compressor typeRotaryKnow About Rotary Compressor
Dimension812 x 612 x 1210(WxDXH) in MM
Weight95Kilo Gram

Features of water cooler

You may have seen the specification now know what are the features blue star sdlx series water cooler has which makes it unique to use

  • Auto Cut Out
  • Faster Cooling
  • Silent Operations
  • Eco Friendly gas
  • In situ power saving insulation
  • Adjustable Cold water thermostat
  • Voltage over load compressor protection
  • External mounted thermostat controller for easy controls
  • Large tray to prevents splashing water outside on floor.

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