Welcome to me shop, My name is Abhinandan kamboj and today we have blue star water dispensers. First I would like to inform you that me shop is a authorize dealer of Blue star products. All review of product and information is as per given by its manufacture. Definitely, I would share my own experience as a user and experience as a seller. I am user of blue star water dispensers at my office. Here we go with my in depth information you are searching about blue star water dispenser.

First a brief info about Blue star, Blue star is a leading manufacture of commercial refrigeration products. Company is known for its Durability, After sale service and quality products. Over 75 + years of experience or expertise tells its own story. It holds a strong after sale service and support nation wide.

In this blog we will cover following things with you.

  1. about water dispenser
  2. Blue star available models
  3. New models by Blue star in 2020
  4. Current MRP and Selling rates in Market
  5. After sale service and support care no.
  6. Warranty of product and what are the things which are not cover under warranty?

About Water Dispenser

It is an kitchen appliance which is use to dispense hot and cold water. You will find this machine commonly in offices, restaurant, schools, at reception or any place where the host want to serve hot/cold/normal water choice to their guest or visitor. To fill tank of dispenser you need 20 liter purified water bottle which you can get easily from any bottled supplier.

Blue star has introduced wide some new models along with old G- series. Let us see what is new in 2020 for You. Lets start with the basic variants and know more about type of dispenser we have in our catalog.

  1. Top loading bottled water dispenser
  2. Bottom Loading Bottled water dispenser
  • blue star water dispenser bwd3fmrga
  • Blue star water dispenser Bwd3fmcha
  • Blue star bottom loading water dispenser Bwd3blga
  • Blue star Water dispenser with cooling cabinet
  • Blue star water dispenser Bwd3fmrga with cooling cabinet- black
  • blue star Bwd3fmrga black & silver
  • blue star water dispenser
  • Blue star bwd3blga black coloir bottom loading water dispenser
  • table top water dispenser by blue star
  • Table top water dispenser by blue star
  • blue star top loading bottled water dispenser
  • bottom loading water dispenser
  • blue star water dispenser with cooling cabinet
  • blue star water dispenser with non cooling cabinet

Top Loading Water Dispenser

Top loading bottled or we call it Hot/cold/ normal bottled floor mounted or table top bottled dispenser we have three type of models available in Top loading. Here you have to put 20 liter bottle on the top of the dispenser to fill the tank.

  1. Table top
  2. Water dispenser with Cooling Cabinet
  3. Water dispenser with Storage Cabinet
  • blue star water dispenser bwd3fmrga
  • Blue star Water dispenser with cooling cabinet
  • water dispenser with cooling cabinet
  • table top water dispenser by blue star

Table Top water dispenser Available Models By Blue star

  • Blue star G series Table top water dispenser : Bwd3ttcga
  • Blue star H series Table top water dispenser: Bwd3ttcha

table top dispenser can be placed on any table. There are no storage to store milk, curd, premixes, cups. Simply serve hot cold and normal water to your visitor. Front abs body panel with quality faucets. you will get a child lock on hot water. It is to protect kids as the hot water temperature rise up to 100 degree Celsius. Cold water temperature set up to 15 degree Celsius. Your water dispenser is protected with thermal sensor which auto cut the power once it reach these set temperatures. Gone are the days when you have to store water bottles in refrigerators. Now get instant cold water, normal water and hot water from one machine.

Unmatched Features that make it Best

  • Table top Design
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Removable Drip tray
  • Low power Consumption
  • Bi-metal sensors
  • Quiet operations
  • Hot/cold/ normal water faucets
  • Child lock for Hot water
  • Led Display Indicator

Price of Table top variant

Check out the price on Various online shopping sites. Product prices are not mention as they keep on changing. Click to find out yourself.

Floor Mounted Hot & Cold dispensers available Models

Customer Care No. and warranty terms

  • Blue star Customer Care No. is : 1800 209 1177 and 1860 266 6666
  • All products comes with 12 month onsite warranty. warranty does not includes burnt parts and faucets.
  • You can use your invoice as warranty card as it is the proof or purchase. Company follow this proof and rule.

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