Water cooling machine or water cooler equipped with fixed internal storage. Mostly connected with direct water supply or external water purifier. Water cooler serves cold water in hot summers. Water cooling machine cools water faster then any other machine in market.

Its commonly use in Industries, commercial areas or educational institutions where large number of people need to serve. water coolers are equipped with commonly two taps(faucets) made with stainless steel. Most of manufactures made water cooler fully stainless steel. Full body and internal water tank with stainless steel 304. Stainless steel gives ultra durability to machine. because it is corrosion resistance hence safe to use.

Do you want to buy a water cooler? Here are some tips to follow while purchasing water cooler?

  1. Buy water cooler with full stainless steel body However it is bit expensive but its durable and gives value for money. plus low maintenance.
  2. Give your water cooler extra life with external water filters. It is important to clean supply water as it may contain dust which can harm your water cooler. Prevent dust with external filter and prevent water cooler from unusual choking.
  3. You can connect you water cooler with external water purifier. Kindly check the capacity of water cooler and water purifier for best performance. call our expert today +91-9971136843 for more information or free consultation.
  4. Buy water cooler from manufacture who holds great after sale support to customer. Water cooler are expensive and commonly use machine while summers. It is important after sale support should be good. And customer care should be responsive. To know best manufactures call our expert today on +91-9971136843.

Types of water cooler

  1. Bottled water cooler
  2. Cold water cooler
  3. Hot & Cold water cooler
  4. Plain & Cold water cooler
  • blue star water cooler sdlx 2020
  • blue star water cooler PC series-150 liter
  • Blue star water cooler sdlx4080B
  • blue star 380 liter water cooler
  • blue star partial steel body water cooler nst 6080
  • blue star platinum series water cooler
  • Blue star P 6080E
  1. Bottled water cooler: Water cooler comes with fixed internal storage and works with direct water intake from sources like water tank or water purifier. In some spaces there is no option of continuous water supply. There we use bottled water cooler. A 20 liter bottle from any water bottle supplier can be fit on the top. An entry level water cooler of 20 liters hold both options. Call our expert today on +91-9971136843 to get best prices and models available.
  2. Cold Water Cooler: It is commonly use water cooler in industry which supply cold water only. Equipped with fixed storage and connected with direct water supply. if you are looking for cold water only water coolers call our expert today on +91-9971136843 for best price quotations.
  3. Hot & Cold water cooler: Some featured water coolers comes with hot & cold water dispensing, which dispense cold water as well as hot water. water cooler machine has 2 separated storage for hot and cold water. This machine consumes more electricity then standard water cooler. Its very popular nowadays as you can use this machine through out the year.
  4. Plain and cold water: water cooler comes with two separate water tanks. one filled with cold water other with normal water. two separate taps or faucets to dispense normal and cold water. Commonly found in 40 liter,80 liter and 150 liter storage water cooler.

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