Blue star water dispenser price list 2020

Summer is on the way. We are preparing for the new session now. How ever we are keep on getting news about price hike in blue star products in March 2020. Today is 3rd march 2020 and this price list is as per pricing available today. I have no news about price hike officially yet. Because did not receive any price list yet.

Lets discuss about the latest models and old models available in Blue star 2020.

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Types of water dispensers available

  • Floor Mounted top loading
  • Table Top Bottled top loading water dispenser
  • Bottom Loading Design

Floor Mounted water dispenser

We have 2 type of variants in floor mounted top loading bottled water dispenser.

  • With cooling Cabinet
  • With Storage Cabinet

In cooling cabinet you will a small 15 liter storage where you can store cold drinks, curd, Milk, or milk related products to give high shelf life. It is cooling cabinet not the refrigerator. Which means it keeps cool items cool longer. Even there is high temp environment outside.

Blue star floor mounted water dispenser

In storage cabinet you can store any thing like glass, tea, coffee sachets or anything you think the water dispenser storage can store.

Table Top Design

Table top top loading design water dispenser has no storage cabinet. You can simply mount them on any table or slab in a kitchen. Hot/cold/normal water faucets. Simply plug in and get the water you want.

Table top water dispenser

Bottom loading Design

lifting 20 liter bottle is not easy for everyone now blue star has bottom loading design water dispenser where you can just slide in the bottle and done. No need to lift heavy bottles. Easy to use.

Bottom Loading Design

Blue star water dispenser available models.

  • BWD3TTGA (Table Top)
  • BWD3FMRGA (With Cooling Cabinet)
  • BWD3FMCGA (With Non Cooling Cabinet)
  • BWD3BLGA (Bottom Loading-Black) (NEW)
  • BDHPCF1 (Bottom Loading-Black)
  • BWD1FMRGB (With Cooling Cabinet) (NEW)
  • BWD3FMRGA-B&G (With cooling cabinet Black and Grey Color) (NEW)
Blue star water dispenser

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Price List AS On 3-3-2020

  • BWD3TTGA (Table Top) @ Rs. 6900
  • BWD3FMRGA (With Cooling Cabinet) @ Rs. 7300
  • BWD3FMCGA (With Non Cooling Cabinet) @ Rs. 7500
  • BWD3BLGA (Bottom Loading-Black) (NEW) @ Rs. 14000
  • BDHPCF1 (Bottom Loading-Black) @ Rs. 13500
  • BWD1FMRGB (With Cooling Cabinet) (NEW) @ Rs. 9800
  • BWD3FMRGA-B&G (With cooling cabinet Black and Grey Color) (NEW) @ Rs. 8500

Price above mentioned are selling Price of ME SHOP not MRP of product. All prices are inclusive of taxes @ 18%. To know more or for stock and availability call us on +91-124-4264371 today.

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