August 4, 2021 11:53 am

Blue Star Sdlx 6080 B- water cooler Specifications and prices.


Summer is coming and we all need clean and cool water to drink. Blue star is renown for commercial refrigeration products in India. Blue star offers wide range of water cooler where we have one top hot selling water cooler for you SDLX 6080B.

Here SDLX Means Stainless Steel water cooler range. This Series has Full stainless Steel body of SS 304 Grade. Stainless Steel Water Tank, 2 Faucets, Drainage pipe and 1 Inlet. This water cooler is sufficient to supply water up to 60 liter per hour. It has internal Storage of 80 liters. Which is good enough to serve 80-90 people.

Blue star SDLX 6080-B Specification

  • Model No: sdlx 6080-B
  • Brand: Blue star
  • Dimension: (W x D x H) : 665 x 485 x 1210 mm
  • No. of Faucets: 2
  • Storage Capacity : 80 Liter
  • Cooling capacity: 60 Liter per hour
  • Weight : 65 kg
  • Refrigerant : R-134 A
  • Current : 3.0 Amps.
  • Compressor Type: RECIP
Bluestar SDLX 6080 B (Full Stainless Steel Body)

Price And Warranty

  • M.R.P. : Rs. 35500/- Incl. All taxes
  • Offer Price : 32000 incl. of all taxes
  • Warranty : 12 months onsite
  • Installation Charges : Rs. 600/- extra
  • Customer care: 1800 209 1177

If you are looking for a water cooler for your office/factory/outlet. Call our expert today on 9999696843. or send your inquiry here

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