Blueair pure 121 Vs Pure 211

If you are planning to buy an air purifier for your home/ office/ cafe/ cafeteria/ school. Then this blog is just made for you. Hi, My name is Abhinandan kamboj and today i have bring the comparison of 2 outstanding air purifiers of Blueair. Blueair Pure 211 and Blue air Pure 121.

Blueair is a leading air purifier solution provider for home and professional use. I am also an authorize dealer for blueair in India. You can connect me on +91-9971136843. This whole comparison i have made on the basis of my personal experience. I have install these machines to my clients home and offices. The result they have got is much better then they expect. Nowadays I am facing a common question among my consumers which one is better and why. So its inspire me to write this blog for the people whom are lending here to know which air purifier among these two is better. So I did compare few things here for you and i hope it will help to understand which one is better for Your Home and Office.

  • Design
  • Features
  • clean air delivery rate & Air Flow, Coverage Area with Air changes per hour
  • Power consumption & Noise Level
  • Air Filtration stage, Filter Type, Spare Filter cost
  • Warranty of product
  • Price of the product.
  • From Where You can buy(as i said i sell them too)


Both of the air purifier has similar design and looks. almost using same width and depth but difference in Height. Which you can easily figure out when you will look at them. Pure 211 is shorter then Pure 121 air purifier. Pure 121 Dimension Is (H x B x D) in inch 20 x 13 x 13 inch and pure 211 dimension is 28 x 13 x 13 in inch. Another difference you will notice Pure 211 comes with fabric based washable filter which is available in 5 colors. This filter is not available in pure 121.

Features which are common in both machines.

blueair pure 121

Both of the air purifier has common features as they are from same series like.

  • 360 degree air inlet
  • Large filter surface
  • HEPA silent technology
  • High clean air delivery rate
  • Single touch operations
  • AHAM verified

Performance comparison

Blueair Pure 211 Clean air delivery rate with coverage area and air changes per hour

  • Clean air delivery rate (Smoke/Dust/Pollen) : 35o CFM or 590 CMH
  • Air Flow: 360 CFM or 620 CMH
  • Coverage Area : 50 Sq. Meter
  • Air changes per hour : 5 times in an hour in 50 sq. meter room.

Blueair pure 121 clean air delivery rate, air flow with Coverage area and Air changes per hour

  • Clean air delivery rate (Smoke/Pollen/Dust) : 400 CFM or 680 CMH
  • Air Flow : 420 CFM or 700 CMh
  • Coverage Area: 57 Sq. meter
  • Air Change per hour: 5 times in an hour in 57 sq. meter room.

Power Consumption & Sound level Comparison

After understanding the difference of air flow, Clean air delivery rate, Coverage area now its time to know how much sound these machines produce and power consume by these devices.

Power and Sound level For Blueair pure 211

  • Power Consumption at High and low speed level in watt: 61 watt / 30 watt
  • Sound level at High And low Speed level in DB(A) : 56 Db(A) and 31 DB(A)

Power and Sound level for Blueair pure 121

  • Power consumption at High and low level speed in watt : 61 watt/30 watt
  • Sound level at High and low speed level in DB(A) : 56 DB(A) / 31 Db(A)

Here we have seen both of the machine uses same type of motor which produce same sound level and consume same energy.

Comparison of Air Filter Stages, Filter type and Spare Filter Cost of Both models

Now the another crucial part where we want to know what are filter stages stages use by these air purifiers, which has better filter stages and filter type and what would be the maintenance cost after purchasing blueair pure 211 and blueair pure 121.

Air Filter Stages Comparison of Blueair Pure 211 and Pure 121

Pure series both models comes with 2 variants

  1. Particle filter
  2. Smoke Stop + Particle filter

Both of these variants are available in terms of Buying air purifier initially can be differentiate with their M.R.P. in Both models.

Pure 211 Spare Cost

  • Particle Filter : INR 3500 Inclusive all taxes
  • Particle + Smoke Stop Filter : INR 5500 Inclusive all taxes
  • Colorful pre Filter : INR 799 Inclusive all taxes

Pure 121 Spare Cost

  • Particle Filter : INR 4500 inclusive all taxes
  • Particle + carbon Filter: INR 5500 inclusive all taxes


Blueair pure 211 and Pure 121 comes with 24 months onsite warranty.


  • Blue air Pure 211 With Particle filter: Rs. 22990 /- inclusive all taxes
  • Pure 211 With Particle + Carbon Filter: Rs. 24990/- inclusive all taxes
  • Blue air Pure 121 with particle filter: Rs. 26990/- inclusive all taxes
  • Pure 121 with Particle + Carbon filter: Rs. 28990/- inclusive all taxes


Final conclusion of this comparison i leave it on you. but if my opinion matters and want to know what i think. In my opinion both of the air purifiers are best in their price tag. I mean in Rs, 24990 you will get a machine that covers up to 540 sq. ft. area with 5 air changes and in 28990 you will get a machine that covers 620 sq. ft. area with 5 air changes. Both of the machines are tested and has certified Clean air delivery rate value by AHAM. Power consumption is similar, Noise level similar.

Blueair uses HEPA silent filters instead of True HEPA filters. HEPA silent filter technology is the combination of electronic and mechanical filter which help in capturing .1 micrometer Pm 2.5 particles from air with 99.97% efficiently.

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