August 4, 2021 1:00 pm

Fonda Fly Trapper 1000 Standard Price, Specification and dealer Information.


Fonda Fly trapper 1000- Standard

welcome to ME shop. Me shop is an authorize seller for Fonda fly trapper 1000 in India. Today we will provide you the complete information about this machine. Like Why you should buy it, How it works and how it works effectively and at last from where you can buy it.


  • Dimension in Inch : 25 ” L x 6″ B x 16 ” H
  • Lamps : 2 x 20 watt
  • Power: 40 watt
  • Material: MS body
  • Type : Electric Insect killer
  • Powder Coated white color


  • Double tubes
  • Bl Uva Tubes 20 watt
  • 12 months warranty for unit
  • No chemical, Harmful gas emitted or required.
  • Removable Collection tray
  • 100% safe to use indoors.


Fonda fly trapper is a user friendly machine. Very easy to use. Simple plug in and switch on and the machine starts working. The whole results come when you place it in right place.

Right place.. What do i mean by right place. Every flying insect has its capacity of fly in air. For example if you look at home fly they normally flew on the floor less high in air. and if you see the mosquitoes they fly high from floor. If you want to trap more fly put machine on floor or 1 feet above from the ground for better results. If you want capture mosquitoes keep machine above the ground 4-5 feet not more then that.

These machines do not work effectively in Highly lit areas, Direct sun light. The darker the area you will see better the performance.

To Order Fonda Fly trapper You can shop it online from Can call us on +91-9971136843 and mail us your requirement on

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