Blue star deep freezers are the most economic way to keep your food like meats, cold storage foods, vegetables and other perishable foods. Keeping them in deep freezers provide higher shelf life. In our freezers you can store vegetables, Cold drinks, milk and milk made products as well as you can store deep freezing products like meat, and other products which need very low temperature to store.

  • Convertible models
  • Temperature Range from +8 to -24 degree
  • Constant cooling
  • Hard Top
  • Easy to use
  • Widest Blue star Customer support and services.
  • 3 year compressor warranty
  • Inbuilt power overload protection.
  • Corrosion Resistant Body
  • Inbuilt Lock in All models available.
  • Higher Shelf life

Available Models

  • CHFSD100DSW/DPW- Single Door
  • CHFSD150DSW/DPW- Single Door
  • CHFSD200DSW/DPW- Single Door
  • CHFSD300DSW/DPW- SIngle Door
  • CHFSDD300DSDW/DPW- Double Door
  • CHF400HGW- Double Door
  • CHF500HGW- Double Door
  • CHFDD700DPW- Double Door

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