bluestar sdlx 100 water cooler

Blue star SDLX 100 water cooler- 380 liter storage.


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Why do You need Blue star SDLX 100 water cooler

Blue star sdlx 100 water cooler comes with 380 liter inbuilt water storage tank with 4 faucets to deliver cold water to maximum people in an hour. It delivers 170 liter of cold water in an hour. You can use it anywhere where large amount of people need to serve cold water Like Gym, Hospitals, School, Colleges, Factories, Manufacturing plants, Construction sites etc. Blue star sdlx 100 water cooler comes with voltage overload protection and Auto cut out. Which saves energy and saves compressor.

Bluestar SDLX 100 water cooler is made with Robust quality Stainless Steel 304. It makes water cooler outer body durable and corrosion free. water tank is also made with SS 304 so the water you drink is pure and clean. You will get a copper based rotary compressor with R-22 type gas. Its effective and faster in cooling.


  • 380 liter storage
  • 170 liter per hour cooling capacity
  • R-22 refrigerant
  • 4 faucets for cold water
  • Rotary compressor.
  • Stainless steel body and Water tank
  • Easy thermostat control
  • Speedy Drainage option
  • Auto Cut Out
  • Voltage Over load Compressor protection
  • In-situ Power saving PUF insulation
  • Sturdy compressor and trouble free operation
  • Silent Operation.

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Model SDLX 100
Storage Capacity 380 liters
Nominal Cooling Capacity170 Liter per hour
No. of Faucets (Cold)4
Dimension (W x D X H) in mm1140 x 770 x 1500
Weight in Kg125
Nominal demand (Glasses per hour)125
Current (Amps)8.0
Water over Flow (Connections)1/2 BSP
Type of CompressorRotary
Warranty12 Months onsite
Body and Tank MaterialStainless steel 304
Technical Specification Of Blue star SDLX 100 water cooler

Sales Price : Rs. 66500 inclusive all taxes

IN STOCK: Available.

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MRP : 74790 inclusive all taxes

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Blue star sdlx 100


Value for Money







  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • 380 Liter storage
  • 170 liter cooling capacity
  • 4 faucets of cold water


  • No Caster Wheels
  • No Inbuilt water purifier
Specialise in improving indoor air quality.

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