Mosquitoes transmitted disease like dengue, chickengunia, malaria, zika virus and more. Mosquito bite some time cause our life. Its is important to protect you and your loved ones from such dangerous flying insects.

We have mosquito killer lamps to kill these kind of flying insects which attracts the mosquitoes with the help of BL UVA lamps. and kill them with electric shock. 100% effective way to kill mosquitoes.

Moskil Small Super

  • Lamps : 1 x 4 watt
  • Consumption : 10 watt
  • Unit Size: Dia 6.5 inch
  • Material : Abs Plastic
  • Covering Area: 100-150 sq. ft.
  • Warranty : 12 months, No warranty for tubes.
  • Lamp Type: Bl uva lamp
  • Removable Collection Tray

12 months warranty No warranty for tubes

Design To Kill Mosquitoes And Small Flees.

Avro Moskill Small Super is a basic 6 inch tube mosquito killer machine. it consumes total power of 10 watt. Made with Abs plastic body and Ms body powder coated white rims. It looks like a lamp. You can use it inside your house. Specially in kitchen, bedroom, living room. It is a portable lamp. Plug in and play to use. Covers up to 100 sq. ft. area.

Where we can use it?

  • bed rooms up to size 100-150 sq. ft.
  • In kitchen
  • Small shops
  • Small Sweet shops owner can also use it.
  • We can use it in any public place where mosquitoes need to be controlled.

Where To Buy and price?

You can buy this Mosquito killer machine From ME SHOP in Gurgaon. Call on +91-9971136843. or mails us on for more details. Cost @ Rs. 1450 inclusive of all taxes.

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