welcome to the another review edition of ME SHOP. My name is Abhinandan Kamboj and you are reading this blog because you are interested to know more about Blue star water dispenser BWD3FMRGA. HERE BWD means Bottled water dispesner. 3F means 3 faucets HOT/Cold/Normal. MRGA is series name of water dispenser with Cooling cabinet.

Blue Star water dispenser Bwd3fmrga is Top loading type water dispesner. It is floor mounted model with a small fridge inside in it. You can keep water bottles, cold drinks, milk, Curd, butter or food you want to keep in fridge. Serve Hot/Cold/Normal water any time to your office empoyees, your vistors and guests.

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Some of the features which you would like to know about Blue star Bwd3fmrga water dispenser.

  1. Stainless steel water tank : better and anti corrosion. Gives longer life and maintain hygiene.
  2. Abs plastic body makes it lighter and gives better life. Easy maintenance.
  3. Easy removable water dip dray: remove the dip dray and clean stock water inside it. just slide out and slide in.
  4. Low power consumption
  5. No need of stablizer any more. Inbuilt power cut and control system.
  6. Bimetal Sensor to ensure protection against overheating.
  7. Quiet operation.
  8. 15 liter cooling cabinet storage.
  9. Seprate water storage for HOT/COLD/NORMAL water.
  10. Seprate faucets for hot/cold/normal water.
  11. Child Lock on Hot water faucets for protection.
  12. Cooling cabinet with One seprater(Customize). Create large or small shelf as per your convenience.


  • Total Storage Capacity : 3.2 liter
  • Cooling Capacity @ 12 degree discharge : 2.5 liter per hour
  • Power consumption while cooling : 80 watt
  • Heating capacity @ 85 degree water discharge: 5 liter per hour
  • Power consumption (Heating) : 500 watt
  • Faucets type: Push Type (Hot/Cold/Normal water) Child lock with Hot water faucet
  • Dimension: (WxDxH) 310 x 345 x 490 mm
  • Refrigerant : R134A
  • Net weight: 16.5 KG

Service and warranty

Blue star water dispenser comes with 12 months onsite warranty by Blue star. Call Blue star customer care 18002091177 (Toll free no. ) for any technical support.


Prices may vary with Time. AS of now Today is 5th april 2019 and We are selling it @ Rs. 7800 inclusive all taxes. So if you are looking to buy a water dispenser for your home, office, shop. Call  me now at +91-9971136843 to book your order. My name is abhinandan kamboj. You can mail me on info@mpvk.in

Small review of Blue star water dispenser BWd3FMRGA with Cooling cabinet

A Short review for the better understanding of product. A decent design three push type faucets are sturdy and has long life. This is one of the top selling water dispenser design in India. You can mount a 20 litre bottle on top. Two Led light display in front. Red and Green. Green turns on when cooling is on. Red turns on when heating is on. The machine has bimetal sensors so when water gets heating more then 85 degree heating turns off and water cools down @ 12 degree cooling tuns off. Total water storage we have is 3.2 liters including hot/cold/normal water.

Its slim in design so it fits in any corner  of your office or home. Even if you have small office space you can easily store it and serve hot and cold water at your guest will.

Overall it is decent machine i have seen in almost every office here in gurgaon. And i also have one in my office. very easy to use. Easy maintenance. Yes this machine is worthy to buy. Customer support service is Good and very responsive.

This is it. Do let us know if you have any query in your mind. we will try to clear it.

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