Everyone tells you that buy an air purifier because its lots of pollution outside, Indoors are 10 times more polluted then out doors. Air purifier gives health benefits. negative ions makes you feel fresh blah blah blah…Lots of manufactures tell different reason for you to buy an air purifier. But why you need an air purifier still not answer by anyone.

First i would like to tell you what air purifier can not do?

  1. Air purifier will not ventilate your home. Most of the time air pollution happens not because of air pollutants like dust, smoke it can be gassous as well. Due to non ventilation of room or no window in room can cause High amount of other gases and low amount of oxygen. As you may know in a room IDEAL level of oxygen should be 21%. If the level of oxygen inside room falls down. you may feel dizzyness, Hard to breathe, headache etc. If you think it’s because of air pollution you are right. Its air pollution but gaseous type. Here you need windows, gates to open and let the outside fresh air comes in. Your Home need ventialtion. As soon as oxygen level maintained inside room. you will always feel fresh. But wait you need an air purifier now to clean that outdoor fresh air which comes with lots of air pollutants like dust, pollen, smoke etc.

ahh now the sad story start:-

  1. Outdoor air is polluted in metro cities. You can feel it in your every breathe. You might not feel effected because your lungs are developed. But your kids need clean air because they are developing their lungs. Clean air means more strong lungs. breathing Polluted air means weak lungs. Low power, Low immunity.
  2. If you think planting green trees around you will generate more oxygen. You are right. But trees and plants will not capture air pollutants like dust, pollen, pm 2.5 particles from air. Sorry you need an air purifier to capture all these pollutants. Your plants might maintain good oxygen level inside your home and will remove gaseous pollutants. But will not remove PM2.5 and Pm10 particles from air.
  3. Some people said Like RO water if we inhale clean air might give side effect to our body. That’s really shocking. RO water with Low TDS definately is not good for health as RO process remove the minarals of water.  But removing dust, pollen, smoke, and other PM2.5 particulate matters from air will not give any effect to your body. Instead you will be able to breathe more air easily if the air is pollution free. Here we are not removing oxygen from air we are removing bed particles from oxygen gas you want to breathe.

Now you are going to ask me which air purifier i should buy?

My answer is, Buy any air purifier which suits your budget. Breathing clean air is important. Its your right. But i will give you the same tips like all other gives. If you know allready you can skip. If you are new just go throgh it.

  1. Buy an air purifier with HEPA filter. HEPA is (High efficiency particulate air).
  2. Air purifier must have Active Carbon Filter.
  3. Check the OZONE limit, Try to buy ozone free product. (Note: Ionisation is not ozone, every electronic equipment generate ozone, including TV, Fridge, air conditioner etc.) So check the limit. If its ozone free there must be some certification.
  4. Check the Clean air Delivery rate and Air Flow of air purifier. Higher the better.
  5. And some small information updates like its power consumption and noise level. because this is the machine you are going to run whole night and gonna use it in your bedroom.
  6. Check the after sale service, replacement parts cost, and Life of replacements.

Thats it for today. We will come with more new updates and reviews.

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