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you have come accross this page because you are looking to know more about blue air pure 121 performance, specification and review. My name is Abhinandan kamboj. This is a my blog me . As you have read the title it is about blue air pure 121. A portable air purifier unit.

Here are some of the features, You may like about Blue air pure 121.

  1. It is a simple machine to use, plug it in and touch the button.
  2. Pocket friendly maintenance
  3. High in performance
  4. 360 degree air inlet for faster air cleaning.
  5. beautiful design, Gives premium looks and feel.
  6. easy to install and Movable.
  7. Easy cleaning of machine and filter replacement
  8. Low power consumption
  9. Low noise level
  10. large size, long lasting life of Air filters.
  11. AHAM, Certified CADR and Coverage Area
  12. Metal upgraded

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  • Applicable Room Size: 620 Sq. ft.
  • Clean air Delivery Rate (Dust/Pollen/Smoke) : 400 CFM/680 CMH
  • *(CFM= Cubic feet per Minute, CMH= Cubic meter per Hour)
  • Air Flow : 420 CFM / 700 CMH
  • Sound level (Low/High) in DB(A): 56/31
  • Single touch operation. repetative touch on the machine, increase fan speed and off the machine.
  • On at fan Speed 1/2/3/Off
  • Power Consumption (Low/High) Speed : 30 watt (Low)/ 61 watt (High) Speed
  • HEPA filter (called as particle filter)+ Active carbon mesh filter Composite filter.
  • AHAM Certified.
  • Dimension: 28.2 x 13 x 13 in inch (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 8.25 Kg
  • warranty of product : 2 years

See How Blue air Blue pure 211 & Pure 121 Works.

Performance report for Blue air Pure 121 office air purifier area wise:

Coverage Area (Sq. Ft.)100200300400500600100012001300
Total Area (Lx B x h) In Cubic feet H is Standard 10 feet100020003000400050006000100001200013000
Air Changes per Hour24.72027612.3601388.2400926.1800694.9440554.1200462.4720282.0600231.90156
Air Flow in CMH700700700700700700700700700
Air Flow in CFM412.0046412.0046412.0046412.0046412.0046412.0046412.0046412.0046412.0046
Estimated Time to clean Air(In Mins.)2.42715744.85431477.28147219.708629512.1357914.5629424.2715729.1258931.55305
*CFM is Cubic feet Per Minute
*CMH is Cubic Meter Per hour
Recommended Apllicable Area(Office) in sq. ft :600
Recommeded Area (Bedroom) in sq. ft. :
Max. Area Coverage(in sq. ft.) :1300

this report will give you a rough idea about how this air purifier works and behave in different type of rooms.

In terms of design, looks and feeling. it feels premium quality air purifier. However design is very simple but looks nice in office enviroment. Its one touch easy operation makes it more user friendly and easy to operate. Filter replacement and cleaning the device is also very easy. No need to call engineer you can do it yourself. However blue air gives Full support on any issue and gives free visits (No extra charge) to solve any technical problem, you are facing with blueair machine. Call on toll free no. 18008331188 to register your complaint. Blue air is known for their Unconditional support to their customers.


Why Blueair Pure 121 is recommended?

Its 360 degree air inlet design will allow you to put it in any part of your office. In compare to any air purifier it cleans the air faster, Thanks to its HEPA silent technology and HIGH clean air delivery rate. Even at high speed It makes sound of 56 db lower then your Office printer machine while printing.

Its large Size HEPA and Carbon Filter has high life of up to 2-3 years. Only air purifier in this pricing and segment. Which is AHAM certified and has Highest CADR value as compare to any brand.

  • Maximum retail price : 28990/-
  • Offer price:  ask for quotation (Send your enquiry on
  • 24 months warranty (Onsite)

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