Blue star is a leading water cooler manufacture in India. Recently due to very high demand under segment of water coolers Blue star has launched a high capacity water cooler with features like a Hot/Cold/Normal water dispenser. This is how a Traditional water dispenser & water cooler look like.

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water Dispenser
Water Cooler

Water Dispenser Need 20 liter Water Bottle at the top and it dispense hot cold and normal water. and water cooler has large capacity of storage inbuilt and dispance high amount of cold water in one go.

But the platinum series water cooler is equipped features of dispenser and capacity of inbuilt storage like water cooler.

Blue star platnum series water cooler Can has 3 tap Hot/Normal/ Cold. it has 3 inbuilt storage. Where it can store Hot Cold and Normal water Seprately. Total Storage Capacity : 80 liters, Cold water storage : 65 liters, Hot water storage : 5 liters, Normal water storage : 15 liters.

The capacity of water cooler is to dispense 60 liter of cold water in an hour, 5 liter per hour hot water and Normal water capacity as per your desire.  Water cooler outer body is made with PP material. and inner cabinets made with Stainless steel. It uses push type buttons for dispnesing water. 3 bottons 3 taps. Hot water tap with child lock. You will see a collection tray which collect small amount of water which may fall while dispensing water. It is a big water cooler cum water dispenser.

It can connect direct with water supply. No need of bottles any more. Cool the water in just 15 mins. It may take some time in first time to get filled after that just keep using it.

Auto cut when water gets cold and hot as per set temperature to save electricity. inbuilt stabliser to protect compressor from high or low voltage flactuations.

Varients Available: 

  1. P6080E- Sl-Standard
  2. P6080UVE-SL (With inbuilt Uv filter)
  3. P6080UVROE-SL (With inbuilt UV + RO filter)

Click on model no. to know the price and other specifications.

Why Bluestar platinum series water cooler?

  1. it eliminate water bottle system.
  2. Dispense Hot, cold and normal water as per wheather conditions. better option than Conventional water cooler & Dispenser
  3. Inbuilt aquaguard water purifier with option of RO + UV filter also available. Choose as per your need.
  4. Food grade Stainless steel water tank ensures clean and healthy water.
  5. Long life.
  6. Durable product.
  7. best option for office of people up to 80-100 people.
  8. Low maintainence and operational cost.

Unmatched Features

  • HOT/COLD/NORMAL water taps.
  • Seprate water tank with stainless steel
  • R-134A Refrigerant for faster cooling
  • Recip Type compressor
  • Inbuilt aquaguard water purifier (optional)
  • 12 months onsite warranty by manufacture.




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