Welcome Me shop blog, today we are comparing some of the best air purifier in the segment in between 15 k to 30 K. But very similar in performance. Today we have Blueair Pure 211, Honeywell air touch P, Daikin Mc76vvm6 and sharp Fu-A80E-W. Here in this comparison we will do it on the basis of performance only Not talking much about features. Because i believe air purifier is made to clean air, rest features are for convenience. So lets start with out wasting any moment.

Model FU-A80E-W Pure 211 MC76VVM6 Air touch P
Brand Sharp Blue air Daikin Honeywell
Air Flow (CMH) 480 620 456 300
Power (W) 75 61 82 52
Sound Level (Db) 53 56 56.5 54
Coverage Area 480 sq. ft. 540 Sq. ft. 536 sq. ft. 450 sq. ft.
Air Changes per  hour 3.5 times 5 times 3 times 2.34 times
Filter stage- TRUE EPA Yes HEPA silent Yes Yes
Filter Stage- Active carbon Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filter Stage- Pre-Filter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ionizer Yes Yes Yes no
Filters life 2 years 6 months 12 months 3000 hrs.
Filters Cost in rs.       9290
Pollution Indicator Level indicator NO. Yes, level indicator Digital Pm 2.5 indicator with color change
MRP in rs. 32000 24990 20990 24990
Offer Price in rs.(incl. all taxes) 26000 23500 16500 23500
Warranty 12 months 24 months 12 months 12 months

so this is simple comparison we have made for you to understand and to compare easily.

Best air Purifier in Performance?

  1. blue air pure 211
  2. Sharp Fu-A80E-W
  3. Daikin Mc76vvm6
  4. Honeywell Air touch P

In terms of performance we have very clear winner that is Blueair pure 211. High air flow, Low power consumption, High Clean air delivery rate, Certified and tested CADR & Coverage Area by AHAM. 360 degree air inlet, biggest air filter, 4 stage air purification including colorful pre filter, HEPA filter, Active carbon filter and ioniser. Covers up to 540 sq. ft. area with 5 air changes means it clean the room is just 12 minutes.

Best Air Purifier in terms of Value for Money?

  1. Daikin MC76VVM6
  2. Blue air Pure 211
  3. Sharp Fu-A80E-W
  4. Honeywell Air touch P

In my opinion Daikin Mc76vvm6 is most value for money  air purifier in this segment. Low cost, low running cost and  effective in area up to 500 sq. feet, gives 3 air changes in an hour. Mean clean air in just 20 mins. with Using 4 stage air purification process including True HEPA filter + Carbon + pre filter and ioniser.

Worst Air purifier?

???????????????? No i will not tell you. Its you who has to decide………

Write down your worst or Best experience with air purifier in to the comment? or if you have anything in your mind do comment. Please do let us know how do you like our comparison.

Thank you.


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