Avro Flykil-lites

Avro is a leading Manufacture of Electric Flying insect killer machines in India. Avro Flykil-lites are effective and very useful against controlling unwanted flying insects like fly, mosquitoes, beas, wasp, bugs etc. These electric insect killers are using BL uva tubes to attract flying insects and kill them with high voltage current near tubes. As we all know a fly attract towards light but if the light has high wavelength they attract more and these insect killers use the same principle.

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Avro catalog New 2018

Avro insect killer Pricing

Key Features for Avro Fly-kil Lites

  • No Air pollution
  • No chemical
  • No refill
  • Plug in and play
  • No harmful gases
  • Kill all kind of flying insects
  • Low maintenance
  • Useful in Indoors
  • removable collection tray
  • Double UVA tubes to attract more insects
  • Shock Proff outer body


  • Based on BL Uva lights not exactly UVA but similar type not harmful for eyes indirectly.
  • No Air pollution at all
  • Removable collection tray which collects all dead insects
  • Kill Insects not repelling so they will not come back.
  • Make Indoors flying insects free.


  • Works Indoors well
  • Not working well in Lit areas
  • Do not work in the room where sun light is direct accessible.
  • Works better in darker area
  • Does not attract inactive mosquitoes.
  • Not meant for outdoors.
  • Electric insect killer can cause burning smell of dead insects which may get stuck in electric grid.
  • Non availability of spare parts in local market. Shop Them Online Now.

Warranty and Service

Avro flykil lites come with 12 months offsite warranty (No warranty for consumables- tubes). parts and tubes replacement is easy. DIY machine.

For Sales inquiry you can on +91-9971136843.

For Support Call on 0124-4264371.

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