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Me Shop is a authorize Avro air curtain dealer in Gurgaon. Call now
+91-9971136843 to get sales quotation. Installation for avro air curtain and service for avro air curtain is available on demand. Avro Sleek design air curtain are made to fit in any gate, Sleek design, Low Noise, High air flow, low power consumption. All these features makes it unique and high demand product in the industry.




  • Sleek Design
  • Ms body powder coated white in color
  • Manual Fan adjuster
  • Manual On/Off Button available.
  • High RPM Motors
  • High Air Flow : 20 Meter per Second
  • Resist Dust/Fly/Mosquitoes and other physical impurities to come in
  • Resist Unconditioned air to mix with Conditioned air.
  • Low noise
  • Auto cut door sensor available (On demand)
  • applicable on any gate of Height up to 8 feet.
  • Saves energy

About Air Curtain

Air curtain is a electrical device which uses High power motor to rotate and create invisible wall of air with the help of blowers vertical placed. When it blows air faster downwards it certainly make an invisible wall with high air flow. Which does not allow outdoor unconditioned air to mix with indoor conditioned air.

Where We need air curtains?

We need air curtains in public places or commercial spaces where we need to retain conditioned air with in the building even the door is open. You may have see where people are keep on come in and out they keep on open the gate or gate keep on opening very frequently. Air Curtains Help when the door opens. They create a wall of air in between two environment (indoor an Outdoor) and does not allow the exchange of Air. Which helps in maintaining Air Conditioners effectiveness even the door is open.

Public places like

  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Clubs
  • Malls
  • Commercial buildings
  • Wedding Halls
  • Ware houses
  • Cold Storage House
  • Personal Home
  • and in Office People are installing air curtain to retain air conditioned air and save energy.

Where we Install Air Curtain

We install air curtains generally on Main passages. Either is door or open door. We install air curtain Just on the top of the gate so it will make best effectiveness.



  1. 3 feet : Rs. 10500
  2. 3.5 feet: Rs. 11250
  3. 4 feet: Rs. 12000
  4. 5 feet : Rs. 13500
  5. 6 feet: Rs. 15750

Taxes @ 18% Extra, Installation and Delivery charges extra as per site location.

Air Curtain Sensor @ Rs. 1800 + tax @ 18% extra.(Single Door)

Service and Warranty

Avro air curtain comes with 12 months offsite warranty.

Where to Buy

For More information call us on +91-9971136843, For technician visit call us on +91-124-4264371. or fill up the form below we will contact you shortly.

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