About PM particles

IMG_1281welcome to meshopindia blog. We understand what you are looking for. We know you want to know more about PM particles and What is it all about. So here we go.

PM particles is Particulate matters also called as particle pollution. it is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets which you will find in air. Some of these pollutants are too dark that you can see them with your naked eyes like smoke, dust etc. And most of them are so small in size that you can not see them with your naked eyes. you need some microscopic equipment to watch them.


TYPES OF PM Particles

  1. PM 10 particles
  2. Pm 2.5 particles

PM 10 particles are either equal to 10 micrometer or less then 10 micrometer in size. Pm 2.5 particles are either 2.5 micrometer or less then 2.5 micrometer in size.

Sources of PM particles

There are 1000 of resources from where these air pollutants get generated every day. Motor vehicles, construction, sand storm, fire, smoke stacks, unpaved road, factories are the common source of air pollutants outdoors. But indoors are also pollutant and full with Pm particles due to indoor air pollutants like dust, pet hair, pollen from indoor plants, chemical from cleaning products etc.


What are the Harmful impact of Pm Particles?

particulate matters can cause serious health related problem if you get exposed directly to them. Pm 10 particles can reach up to your lungs and Pm 2.5 particles can reach up to your blood stream.

How Can i Protect Myself Against PM particles ?

Track air quality announcement of your area. Avoid outdoor activities while High air pollution alert. Stay indoors. Wear N99 Mask which is suitable to control pm 2.5. If its possible use indoor air purifier unit with HEPA Filters. These portable units are also helpful in controlling indoor air pollutants.

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