if you are reading this article it means you are interested in buying one air purifier for your home. So without wasting any time of yours i will start my blog and share the info which will assist you in buying right air purifier for your home.

  1. Air Flow
  2.  No. of filter stages and understand filter role
  3. Sound level
  4. Power consumption
  5. Sensors and features
  6. Certifications


Air flow of an air purifier tells how much faster the air purifier inhale and exhale the air from machine. Higher the amount of air its inhale faster it will purify the room. So the Higher the air flow means faster the air cleaning process.

No. of Filter stages and Filter Role

Now that is important. faster inhaling and exhaling is fine. But if air purifier has higher filter stages means it removes higher air containment. For Example Air Purifier with 2 filter stages HEPA + carbon and Air purifier with 4 stages Pre filter + HEPA+ Carbon Filter + Ionization gives better results then 2 filter stage air purifier.

But its also become important some time. some air purifier manufacture provide UV, ozone and other filter stages as well. You need to find if its your need or not.

Sound Level

We buy air purifier to breathe clean air. Most of our day time we spend in office or other spaces. And we consider to breathe clean air while sleeping. Most of air purifier brand offers sleep mode where air purifier turns very slow. Almost ineffective. but if you keep them on at turbo or high speed they made very lousy sound. Which is horrible. Check the sound level of air purifier.

Power Consumption:

“Every unit counts” Air purifier that consumes low energy and provides high air flow with low sound. What else you required.

Sensors and features

i do not go much with inbuilt sensors because most of the air purifier manufacture do not believe in information the machine is providing to you. They said PM 2.5 but it actually tells you either only dust/pollen or smoke value inside room. Not all three. If the machine of single sensor is on auto mode and it has smoke sensor. So once it detect foul smell it will increase the speed and decrease the speed accordingly but once the dust or pollen value increases. It will not detect and adjust the speed accordingly. Kindly check the sensor type and buy accordingly.


In air purifier only one certification is telling air purifier efficiency which is AHAM Certificate. It tells about the CADR value of air purifier. Seal you can find on Air purifier. Looks similar to the picture below. This seal is only available on AHAM certified and tested air purifiers.



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