Blueair Air purifiers for office

As we all know air purifiers is a must have gadget for every home and office. We know air quality in our area is poor and Air purifier is the only ultimate solution for it. Air purifier is use to control indoor air pollutants like dust, pollen, smoke and other physical air impurities. Air purifier helps in controlling those air pollutants in indoor environment. There is a limitation of air purifier is that it can not eliminate the source of pollutant you have find it and eliminate it.

Why blueair Air purifiers for Office?

Generally we have very large space in our offices and we want each and every corner to be clean. Here the blueair comes as it offers widest range of air purifiers which equipped with.

  1. High CADR which make sure it cleans the air faster.
  2. Steel Body makes it look slim and Durable.
  3. True HEPA filter to capture physical impurities from the air up to .1 microns.
  4. HEPA silent technology where it capture pollutants faster at low noise level.
  5. All blueair air purifiers are energy efficient.
  6. AHAM certifications proves air purifier efficiency in the close area specified on the seal.
  7. AHAM certified CADR value which ensures you the performance of air purifier with air pollutants.
  8. Active Carbon filters with HEPA filters
  9. Inbuilt Air Quality Monitor with dual sensor in Classic Series.
  10. Simple design to Mobile app controlled air purifiers.
  11. 5 Years warranty on Classic and Pro Models.
  12. 2 Years warranty on Blue series Models.
  13. Air filter replacement is easy.
  14. Easy availability of Air Filters and spares.
  15. Onsite Service and Support 24 x 7.
Blue air pure 211 air purifier

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