CADR (Clean Air Delivery rate)

CADR is term using in  air purifiers, which is measured in  cubic feet/Minute. Its explain how faster the air purifier delivered the clean air and captures the impurities from the air. CADR is very Specific term which is use to capture a specific air pollutant. Not all air pollutant. CADR is a term defined by AHAM, USA where they test air purifier and give certificate and trust seal. Which tells the behavior of filters while capturing those specific air pollutants. You may find a trust seal which tells about air purifier behavior against the pollutants like Smoke, Dust and Pollen with Coverage Area.


WHY CADR in air purifier is Important?

CADR is important factor while choosing an air purifier. It tells how faster the air purifier rotate the air inside the room and cleans it.  Faster it cleans the air Lesser you Inhale the impurities.

Now the question is Should we buy air purifier based on CADR or as per coverage area they mention in to the user manual and Seal.

CADR is the best way to analyse the quality of air purifier.   unfortunately we don’t have any independent testing agency for air purifier in India. So we have to believe what manufacture are claiming.

CADR may be change for different Pollutants. Like for smoke its categorised in  size of .009 to 1 Microns. Dust : .5 to 3 Micron and Pollen 5-11 micron similar there are more categories  and the CADR are different to clean this pollutants from air for example pollen which is big in size will captured by air purifier faster then  the smoke which is quite smaller in size.

CADR tells everything about the air purifier and its easy to compare the machines and manufactures. It is a tool which will help you to compare and buy the right air purifier for your needs.

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